Monday, December 29, 2008

Story of 2008

Did you miss me?!  It has been sooo long since I have posted!  I have a lot to catch you up on... a kids shoot, a bridal, an engagement shoot, two weddings-- and Africa!!  We have a few shoots and a New Years Eve wedding the next couple of days, then a few days of vacay for New Years THEN I will be back in the office for real  Who knows when I will blog next... keep checking back!

I am sooo very excited about the new year.  Our business keeps growing and it makes us so excited!  Thank you to the couples who invited us into their wedding stories this year...

Jenna and Jeff
Mindy and Dominic

Not too bad of a list for our first full year in business!  And this list would NOT have been possible with our amazing referrals- past wedding couples, friends, family, etc.  We will never tire of thanking you!

Thank you to the many families who trusted us to capture them where they were, right then, in their story as a family.  From little babies to college kids to adults, we had a blast hanging out with you while we documented you.  Thank you to those couples who had us take a glimpse into their love story to shoot their engagement or bridals.  We look forward to continuing that relationship with you!

Here's to 2009!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ashley Story: Off to South Africa!

Pre-trip ramblings (I'm exhausted so please excuse the parts that dont make sense):

Today we shot a fabulous wedding here in Raleigh for Jenna and Jeff.  Not sure if David will blog it (and Jenna's bridal session from November) or wait till I get back--- we'll see!  Now it is 11:15pm and I am just starting to pack.  No biggie, I love the pressure of "last minute"... that's how I wrote all my best papers in school.

So tomorrow we fly out a little after noon, and will return around noon on December 23rd.  

IF YOU NEED SOMETHING... have a question about your shoot... want to book us... send us an email at and David will do his best to answer your question.  He pretty much knows the way things run around here... but just incase, know that there is a chance he might not!  I will get back with you as soon as we get back.  Thanks for being patient with me.

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday season.  In this difficult holidays season I cannot help but be thankful.  I am so thankful for:

1. My blogstalkers (I had three confessions during the reception tonight).  You are the reason we get awesome referrals and have seen tremendous growth this past year.  Keep creating new stalkers!  In the new year I want to offer blog prizes and such to say thanks... stayed tuned for that!

2. My friends.  It is amazing the people from all parts of my life that have "shown  up" after Dad passed away.  I am constantly humbled by the immense love and support we have been shown... sometimes from the people I would least expect it from!

3. My photographer ladies!!!  I do not get to spend enough time with you girls (AprilBeccaJoTeresaAmberAmandaBeth).  It is refreshing to be challenged creatively by you, learn from your experiences and dip into your wealth of knowledge.  The support that is offered by this group has blown me away.  I could not have made it through September without you.

4. My family- inlaws included.  How do I even start on a blogpost???  I wont even try :).

5. My David.  I hate sappy lovey posts about myself-- now I love to tell your lovey story.  But you need to know that David has been an amazing asset to this business.  He learns so quickly, and then comes up with new things that I have not thought of or know how to do myself.  He puts up with me when I have over extended myself or when I am just a wreck.  The man cooks and cleans... and still likes me when I edit all day in my pajamas without a shower.  I just don't know where I could find a better husband/business partner/friend/cook/etc?!

Take time the next few weeks to love on your "people".  You know who I am talking about... show them gratitude and love.

Cant wait to show you pictures from our trip!!!!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Love/Preggers Story: Lydia and Andrew (and Baby David)

While I am certainly not in a place to get pregnant myself, I LOVE a pregnant woman!!  And I love baby things!  But again, hear me say, my child is Story Photographers and I am busy raising IT right now.

Lydia and Andrew are friends of ours from Campbell.  We were involved in their wedding last December, were all the same major in undergrad, etc.   Now they are pregnant and expecting a little boy in February that will be named David.  So fun!

You need to also know that Lydia is an AVID blog stalker of ours.  When we went downtown she recognized certain spots where we had done certain shoots-  she's good!

Enough history lesson, let's go to the cuteness--

The choice of blue really makes their eyes pop... hmm, I bet baby David will have blue eyes!




Lydia referred to this building as the Musten building, since not too long ago we posted pictures of them in front of it.  She also had a dream that she wanted this specific shot to be made into a canvas!  We looooove it when people have a vision for a canvas!


Wait, who is carrying the baby??  Of course, this is a legitimate question now that a man has been pregnant.


Since Andrew and Lydia know and love me, I decided to go on an adventure and just drive around a corner of downtown Raleigh I had not explored... and we found these goods...







Stroll through the park... with the buildings it reminded us of a tiny central park.  And by tiny I mean miniscule in comparison.








Hmm, can you guess what team they are pulling for?




Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Engagement Story: Jennifer and Dave

I am sure these two are like where the heck is our blog post?!  It has been over a week since I did this shoot- I was doing so good blogging there for awhile... oh well!  Better now than 5 months late!  As the Christmas shoots slow down, we are heavy into booking for 2009 with two more weddings in 2008.  What a great year it has been for us!

Jennifer found me on Facebook and we connected up from there!  Can't the internet be a fabulous place?  So these two met me downtown after Thanksgiving and we had an awesome time together.

Thought we would start out with a little autumnal flare in the background... before it all falls to the ground...



No cars in front of the butterfly wall!!



I saw these in a row and knew I had to use them in a shoot sometime... 
so I finally got my chance!



Love and Coffee and Bling... delicious.



I got Dave to confess that he came to the shoot for the smooching.






I don't know WHAT this was but I LOVED it.  We just randomly stumbled upon these last spots... love a new find!






Thanks guys for an awesome time!  It is so great to have just met someone and instantly be comfortable and have fun with them... have I mentioned that I love my job?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Music Story: Laura Part 3

And here we are, the last post of Laura's afternoon of being a model.  As David mentioned in the previous post, Laura has been at Belmont University in Nashville working her butt off so she can be famous... like we all knew she would be.  I am so proud of how far she has come since the days we would sing Dixie Chicks together- sigh, good times.

It was really fun to go through and pick images from both my pictures and David's-  they were so different!  David has the harder job as the second shooter.  Most of the time I set up the shot so then I shoot from the optimal spot.  David gets to dance around me and find another interesting way to get the shot as well... and might I say he does a fabulous job at it!

So here is my take on Laura's shoot.





David and I both got a chair/violin shot... but so different.




Nobody panic- this is not Laura's real violin, just as stunt double.



Dressing room...


Let's grunge it out.  Let the violin take a little break.






I had driven by this hole-in-the-wall restaurant so many times... even ate there once in high school, and never thought to stop and shoot there!  Suddenly I received that inspiration as we were driving around chasing the last bit of sunlight.


Looks like that tree is on fire!