Friday, February 22, 2008

Here We GO!

Please excuse my absence.  Technology… sometimes it is hard to love it when it is acting up! But, alas, here I am with NYC pictures!  The hubs and I had a fabulous birthday trip to NYC from my parents.  Here is a brief rundown of our 36 hours in the big apple…

Saturday we arrived to a high of 26 degrees- eek!  Don’t worry, we layered well.  We spent most of Saturday in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  

While I was in school I tried to shape all my papers and projects around women and their role in religion, culture, family and the scripture.  This first picture is a sculpture of a woman that was made somewhere around 3500 BCE in Egypt.  

After the Egyptian exhibit we wondered around a fashion, contemporary photography and Asian exhibits.  On our way to eat lunch at the restaurant inside the museum we found the Medieval and Renaissance art.  This first statue of Mary and Jesus is adorable because of how Jesus is holding Mary's face.  The other is funny because Jesus doesn't have a head.  Its ok, you can laugh at that.  It wont hurt Jesus' feelings one bit.  

After we were sufficiently inspired we braved the cold and the subway and headed back to the hotel… our poor skinny little hotel.  It reminded me of the place where the Order of the Phoenix hangs out in the fifth Harry Potter movie… yes? 
For dinner we decided to go a bit touristy and eat at Bubba Gump in Times Square.  Four years ago when David and I were little babies dating and working as staff with MissionsConnect, we ate at Bubba Gump together.  And how cute, they sat us at the table next to the one we sat at before- beautiful, I know.  Here we are overlooking Times Square 

After dinner comes the best part of all… WICKED!!  Ladies and gentlemen, this is the best show of all times.  For those of you that know me well this might come as a shock since Rent is the music of my heart.  But listen to me, Wicked is the most amazing Broadway show.  Everything about it was phenomenal- the theater, the stage, the cast, the music, the costumes, etc etc and so on.  Please, let me know if you want me to tell you more- I'd love to! 

Then Sunday we wake up and it's my birthday!  We first head to Chinatown so that I can buy a Coach bag for my little sis… I know, I know, the black market is bad.  Then I got to have my birthday lunch at the Life Café.  The Life Café is featured in both the musical and the movie versions of RENT.

Here David tries to blend in with the local hipsters. 

And to make my birthday even more fun, they happened to sit us in Jonathan Larson's favorite bench… appropriately named "The Jonathan Larson Bench".  If you don’t know about this man and his story, please google him immediately.  He is the creator of Rent, and most of what happens in that musical came straight from his life and that of his friends.  

We only had a few hours left before we had to fly out, so we breezed in a funky thrift store, stumbled upon the International Center of Photography (only got 15 minutes in there). 


Hope you enjoyed this debriefing of our NYC trip.  What's your favorite thing to do in NYC? 


Josh Deng said...

the foooood. :) my aunt lived in NYC and she knew all the hole-in-the-wall places. good food = happy Josh.

april said...

the first image looks a lot like a nude self portrait.