Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Out of the Ordinary" Retreat

Incredible.  Amazing.  Relaxing.  Rich.  Cleansing.  Restorative.  

I could go on.  

This "Out of the Ordinary" retreat was fabulous.  From Thursday to Sunday, David and I were in Highlands, NC at The Mountain.  This retreat center is beautiful at 4,200+ feet on the very top of the mountain.  We were there with a very diverse group of people.  The retreat was for people living with HIV/AIDS.  Some of them brought their caregivers, and there were also some volunteers that came along to help out with the retreat.  It was a time for making new friends/support, group therapy, meditation, worship, beholding nature, etc.  I went in to that retreat so stressed and overwhelmed from the craziness of April, and I came out refreshed and renewed.  

The first night after worship Jan was praying with this participant in front of the remembrance table.  Everyone was able to light a candle for someone that they knew that had died with AIDS.  This participant's daughter passed away because of the virus. 

My hubs looking like a mountain man with his guitar in the cabin.

Day two, on "Meditation Rock", me and the hubs.

Hey Lauren, look.  I made sure to put the picture that doesnt show our you-know-whats.

This is pretty much the whole group during life story sharing time.  The stuff that most of these people have been through is just unbelievable.  While there was much pain in this circle, there was also much hope and strength.

There was a tower that you could climb up and you could catch a view of three states!  I got some daytime pictures, but the night time ones are way more exciting.  I could have stayed up there for hours taking pictures...

Can you see where the road is on that other mountain?

I was so proud of my hubs this weekend.  He led a Thai Chi (did I spell that right David?) session two mornings to help those that attended to breath more effectively and focus.  He had lots of people choose his session and the response was awesome.  I participated the second morning and I loved it!

Here is a yummy view of the mountains from a porch off of the Lodge.  

Belva and Carlton were the two pastors/worship moderators for the weekend.  They are both ministers at St. John's Metropolitan Community Church .  They were awesome!

This is a board that we all weaved in the horrible names that we have been called/labeled in our lives.  When we left, we had allowed our names to be changed...

These two women are such a gift to me... Lauren and Jan... especially this weekend.  I could not be more thankful for them.  We had the best time!  

I cannot wait to go on this retreat again!  There will be more opportunities to go.  Please let me know if you are interested in participating or donating to it.  

Monday, April 28, 2008

ANOTHER Clinton sighting in Jville...

... why have I not sighted Clinton's in NC??  Or even Obama??  Here we have David's Dad, David Sr, with Hillary.  Sigh.  I am out of town while she is in Raleigh.

Tomorrow I will blog about a retreat I went on this weekend... it was amazing.  Cant wait to share!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Coming Up...

Watch out for pictures from some awesome kids shoots, an amazing retreat that David and I are going to be a part of this weekend, and more!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Teeters in Raleigh!

In 2008 David's parents have been coming to Raleigh once a month to hang out with us... well, we think they only come up to partake in a different local restaurant.  In January, while it was still cold, we took them to Hard Times Cafe- known for it's several types of chili.  Then in February we went to Bella Monica for some romantic italian.  We were supposed to have gone to the Hibernian Pub for March for a little irish food, but instead David and I went to visit them!  So we made up for March and went to the Hibernian on Friday (ok and then had Goodberry's afterwards).  Then Saturday morning we went to my grandfather's farm(now where my Dad operates his business out of), then spent the rest of our time with David's parents at the NC Farmers Market!  What a perfect day to be out there... and we weren't the only people who thought so!  

This is a funky tree down at the farm that I added a little funkyfunky to in photoshop...

There were so many great textures and colors at the farmers market!  I think I made myself take this picture.  I cant STAND yellow and orange.  I know, I went to Campbell, I should have given in to that sunny shade of orange.  But no, cant stand those warm colors.  I can only occasionally tolerate red and pink.  ANYWAYS, I just could not pass up their brightness.

Joyce Teeter has been dying to get on this blog... so here is her debut!  She and David were picking out herbs for themselves and each other.  They are two peas in a pod, I tell you.

The second I saw this plant an aisle over from where I was, I rushed over to it as fast as I could.  Is it not fabulous!?  It is called "Jewel of Opar" incase you would like to rush out and invest in it's fabulousness. 

Who does not LOVE the 50 mm?!  I will admit it here to the world, I used to not understand why a 50 was so wonderful.  I tried one out during a wedding and I was not impressed.  But when I saw what it could do with portraits, details like this... I had to have one.

I have always loved these leaves...

Can you believe that shade of blue/purple?!?!  I did not enhance that picture at all.  Just nature's yummy colors.

Again, I let some warm colors into the picture...

Now that the weather is warmer you should get on out to the NC Farmers Market!  Make a morning of it... then hang around to grab lunch at their restaurants- you will feel like you are at the fair except that the food will be even better!

This week watch for some kid shoots to come on the blog!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crazy Busy Week Part 2- "Somebody get my lawyer on the phone- ASAP!"

I have several distantly related relatives that are lawyers- thank goodness.  While one got me out of my one and only speeding ticket, another that is closer by needed a photo shoot and I was thrilled to do it!  Don't worry, I will need her soon enough when we decide to put a down payment on the townhome... oh wait, I haven't told you about that yet.  I will post on the townhome situation asap, promise!  Anyway, Wednesday I headed downtown to hang with Newman & Newman to shoot some group shots and head shots.  Elizabeth Newman is cousins with my Dad... so we are second or third cousins?  Who knows, fourth cousins even?  What matters is that we are family.  Next week I will do some interior and exterior shots for their new website.  

I had not done a shoot for a business like this, so it was fun to bring my style to the table.  Take a look at some of what we came up with... 

This is my cousin Elizabeth Newman (yes, she is one of the "Newman & Newman"s).  This was the casual head shot that we did with everyone.

This is her hubs, Jay, the other Newman in the name.  We did the formal attire head shot in front of a funky eggplant colored wall in one of the offices.

Group shots are never my favorite at a wedding or event, but it was way more fun to do one when you have more creative control.  This is one of the more formal shots...

I just HAD to use this action on one of the board room shots... it looks aged, LOVE IT.   Elizabeth, I promise that I will give you normal looking ones also!

A more casual group shot...

The house that their offices are in is SO fabulous!  You can find it in downtown Raleigh, diagonally across the street from the governor's mansion.  Next week I will go back and do some interior/exterior shots for their website.  

Crazy Busy Week! Part 1- WMU Moves OUT!

On to things that I can be more detailed about... many of you know that I work a few hours a week for a non-profit called Christian Women's Job Corps (CWJC), which I will go into more detail about soon.  CWJC is a ministry of the Women's Missionary Union (WMU), which has been making some historical changes lately.  This week we have been moving the WMU out of the Baptist State Convention building and into her own office space!  Let me know if you want more info on why this even took place- I'd be happy to tell you more about that.  I will say that I am so proud to be a part of a group of women that were not going to let super conservative men stifle their purpose or unnecessarily control them (luckily I dont have to sugar coat my opinion).  Our new office space is off of Six Forks Rd (between where Wake Forest RD and Atlantic Ave cross Six Forks) in North Raleigh.  My boss, Cara Lynn, just had her baby last week so I was around to pack up both of our spaces and make sure they made it to the right place once off the moving truck.  

Here is Jan, who goes to church with us, moving in her stuff.  

Cheryl (in the brown) is nervously watching on as the moving crew try to maneuver the vault of the moving truck.  

Cathy is doing her part and moving her stuff in as well.

I might get in trouble for posting this picture of Ruby, haha... here she is delivering water bottles for the movers.  She even has them in her hoodie front pocket.  I am so proud of Ruby.  She is the director of WMU NC, and she has handled all the conflict with so much strength, and in that strength she has always played fair, spoken the truth, and remained classy.  Such an incredible example of leadership. 

Lots to post about this week!  I have done several fun shoots... some of which I have to wait to post because the whole idea of them is a surprise to some of my readers-  I am sure that made no sense!  Just know that I will have to post a WAY cute shoot that I did the past few mornings later when the surprise is let out.  

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Clinton Sighting in Jacksonville, NC

While I was at CBFNC this past Saturday, David's dad (David Teeter Sr), who is a police officer in Jacksonville (NC), got to meet the former President Bill Clinton!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Leah is about to Graduate!

Leah is one of my favorite people, and she is about to graduate from Campbell University in May!  We met in high school at NC Baptist All State Youth Choir... we were reunited when Leah came to Campbell in the middle of my time there.  We picked right back up where we left off and she was even a bridesmaid in my wedding!  I love this girl!!  And let me tell you something else... this girl is sooo photogenic.  Just see for your self...

The colors were soooo yummy... so much green, purple, Leah's fabulous blue eyes- AHHH so perfect!

Leah is about to be 22!

Here we can see back in time when Leah was younger... and how she is in between 21 and 22.  

I have wanted to do something with this wall for FOREVER but it usually has cars parked in front of it since it is in a popular location in downtown Raleigh.  This was the first time I had seen it open!  Later when we drove back by there were already cars parked in front of it!!

David's awesome idea... love the birds joining the scene...

Leah is famous for her amazing laugh, as seen here:


Oh you know, just hanging out at a fabulous antique/thrift store...

These colors are out of control...

In an attempt to not post just color pictures, I actually put up more black/white than anything!  More color later...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Salvation Army

I am so excited to announce that I am the official photographer of the Salvation Army of Raleigh.  I have had the privilege of helping them put together pictures and stories for their annual report and also for their upcoming Capital campaign.  This has been so exciting me because it is an intersection of two things that are important to me- photography and ministry/social service.  For those of you who don't know me well, I was a religion major as an undergraduate at Campbell, and completed a year of divinity school at Duke.  Duke was not a great fit for me, so I dropped out- maybe someday I will finish that up somewhere else, who knows!  This past year has been my transition year, where I have seen over and over again how much photography can spiritually serve people... and I am so honored to be a part of that.  When this opportunity arose to be a part of what is happening at the Salvation Army I just could not turn it down.  They even told me they were looking for someone to help tell the story of the Salvation Army through pictures and I was like HELLO that has been my life theme lately (and if you have seen my website you know it's my theme over there because of my experience this past year)!  

It is amazing all the services that the Salvation Army offers to the community.  Everyone knows them for their bell ringing in red around Christmas time (and their other Christmas activities), but the Salvation Army has so much more that they offer.  There is the soup kitchen, the food closet, the clothing closet, overnight shelter for women and children (and within that program is several programs for the women and children in the evenings.  There is the community center, the Mercy League, the Salvation Army church... and the list goes on.  This is one of the many places in Raleigh that it is worth it to volunteer with, donate your time/resources/money.  Click on the link above to see how you can be a part of the Salvation Army.  I find out what I can post on the blog from what I have shot so far (confidentiality issues), so look for that!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lindsay and Charles are Engaged!

Thanks to Kelly, I got to meet the adorable Lindsay and Charles!  They are getting married in December, by themselves, in St. Lucia- very cool!  I cant wait to get ahold of them when they come back to get some post-wedding shots in their wedding attire.  But back to this weekend!  We met up in Chapel Hill on UNC-CH's campus where they were both undergraduates.  The rain held off and we were able to have a great time walking around campus.  It was quiet out... must have been the weather and the devastating loss that the basketball team had experienced the night before... but lets not linger on such sad thoughts!  

If you know UNC-CH's campus then I am sure you will recognize the scenery!  

Such a sweet moment.

Lindsay wanted some ring shots and, hello, those are my FAVORITE!  So that was not a problem!

A little polariod affect... and check Lindsay out in a tree in that dress!  It wasn't even my idea!

HAD to show that we were truly in Chapel Hill...

Could not resist the purple in the trees this time of year...