Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crazy Busy Week Part 2- "Somebody get my lawyer on the phone- ASAP!"

I have several distantly related relatives that are lawyers- thank goodness.  While one got me out of my one and only speeding ticket, another that is closer by needed a photo shoot and I was thrilled to do it!  Don't worry, I will need her soon enough when we decide to put a down payment on the townhome... oh wait, I haven't told you about that yet.  I will post on the townhome situation asap, promise!  Anyway, Wednesday I headed downtown to hang with Newman & Newman to shoot some group shots and head shots.  Elizabeth Newman is cousins with my Dad... so we are second or third cousins?  Who knows, fourth cousins even?  What matters is that we are family.  Next week I will do some interior and exterior shots for their new website.  

I had not done a shoot for a business like this, so it was fun to bring my style to the table.  Take a look at some of what we came up with... 

This is my cousin Elizabeth Newman (yes, she is one of the "Newman & Newman"s).  This was the casual head shot that we did with everyone.

This is her hubs, Jay, the other Newman in the name.  We did the formal attire head shot in front of a funky eggplant colored wall in one of the offices.

Group shots are never my favorite at a wedding or event, but it was way more fun to do one when you have more creative control.  This is one of the more formal shots...

I just HAD to use this action on one of the board room shots... it looks aged, LOVE IT.   Elizabeth, I promise that I will give you normal looking ones also!

A more casual group shot...

The house that their offices are in is SO fabulous!  You can find it in downtown Raleigh, diagonally across the street from the governor's mansion.  Next week I will go back and do some interior/exterior shots for their website.  

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