Monday, April 7, 2008

Lindsay and Charles are Engaged!

Thanks to Kelly, I got to meet the adorable Lindsay and Charles!  They are getting married in December, by themselves, in St. Lucia- very cool!  I cant wait to get ahold of them when they come back to get some post-wedding shots in their wedding attire.  But back to this weekend!  We met up in Chapel Hill on UNC-CH's campus where they were both undergraduates.  The rain held off and we were able to have a great time walking around campus.  It was quiet out... must have been the weather and the devastating loss that the basketball team had experienced the night before... but lets not linger on such sad thoughts!  

If you know UNC-CH's campus then I am sure you will recognize the scenery!  

Such a sweet moment.

Lindsay wanted some ring shots and, hello, those are my FAVORITE!  So that was not a problem!

A little polariod affect... and check Lindsay out in a tree in that dress!  It wasn't even my idea!

HAD to show that we were truly in Chapel Hill...

Could not resist the purple in the trees this time of year...

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Anonymous said...

those are great great! i think i love the second one the most... very old looking... which hello,, i love!