Saturday, April 19, 2008

Teeters in Raleigh!

In 2008 David's parents have been coming to Raleigh once a month to hang out with us... well, we think they only come up to partake in a different local restaurant.  In January, while it was still cold, we took them to Hard Times Cafe- known for it's several types of chili.  Then in February we went to Bella Monica for some romantic italian.  We were supposed to have gone to the Hibernian Pub for March for a little irish food, but instead David and I went to visit them!  So we made up for March and went to the Hibernian on Friday (ok and then had Goodberry's afterwards).  Then Saturday morning we went to my grandfather's farm(now where my Dad operates his business out of), then spent the rest of our time with David's parents at the NC Farmers Market!  What a perfect day to be out there... and we weren't the only people who thought so!  

This is a funky tree down at the farm that I added a little funkyfunky to in photoshop...

There were so many great textures and colors at the farmers market!  I think I made myself take this picture.  I cant STAND yellow and orange.  I know, I went to Campbell, I should have given in to that sunny shade of orange.  But no, cant stand those warm colors.  I can only occasionally tolerate red and pink.  ANYWAYS, I just could not pass up their brightness.

Joyce Teeter has been dying to get on this blog... so here is her debut!  She and David were picking out herbs for themselves and each other.  They are two peas in a pod, I tell you.

The second I saw this plant an aisle over from where I was, I rushed over to it as fast as I could.  Is it not fabulous!?  It is called "Jewel of Opar" incase you would like to rush out and invest in it's fabulousness. 

Who does not LOVE the 50 mm?!  I will admit it here to the world, I used to not understand why a 50 was so wonderful.  I tried one out during a wedding and I was not impressed.  But when I saw what it could do with portraits, details like this... I had to have one.

I have always loved these leaves...

Can you believe that shade of blue/purple?!?!  I did not enhance that picture at all.  Just nature's yummy colors.

Again, I let some warm colors into the picture...

Now that the weather is warmer you should get on out to the NC Farmers Market!  Make a morning of it... then hang around to grab lunch at their restaurants- you will feel like you are at the fair except that the food will be even better!

This week watch for some kid shoots to come on the blog!

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