Friday, May 30, 2008

New Address

Seeing as how we are at our new home, if you have not turned in a contract, deposit, etc, please let me know that you are and I will get you our new address.  Thanks for your patience!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Story: Jesse James Vogel!

Jesse came into the world April 10th, 2008 and I was so excited to finally get to photographically shoot the cute little man!  Jesse is the son of my boss/supervisor/etc at the nonprofit I work with, Christian Women's Job Corps.  Jesse was awesome while I was sticking my big ol camera in his little tiny face- what a trooper!  

I think Jesse was a little less than thrilled to be unexpectedly awoken from his nap...

"MOOOOOOM I was trying to sleep and now I am naked with this weird black thing is making clicking noises in front of meeeeeee."

This look says "Ok, Mommy told me it was ok, so, I think I am going to give in and let you do your thing..."

Precious details...

I LOVE a baby belly button.  

David saw this next picture and just could not resist adding the text- I think it works.  This edit was a collaborative effort :).

Adorable.  The End.

I imagine that at this time Jesse is telling Cara Lynn all about how crazy it is to be photographed professionally.  

Jamie is really into astronomy photography- how cool is that?!  Jesse experienced a wardrobe change to show off his martian shirt along with his Dad's cool telescope.  

I love shots like this between baby and Daddy....

Jesse and Mom hanging out in the garden.

LOVE this one... one of my favorites from the morning.

Everyone loves a cozy baby.

This tractor has been in Jamie's family a very long time.  His family fixed it up so that, just like his Daddy, Jesse can one day ride it too!  We are looking forward to capturing that progression as he gets bigger.  This is as close as it gets to riding for now...

I cant wait to document Jesse as he gets bigger and bigger!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It is done!

As of 10:30 pm this evening we are officially "in" the townhouse!  I will go tomorrow and turn in the keys to the apartment and then it will be FOR REAL official.  Don't expect to see anything spectacular in the next few days if you stop by... we have a lot to do before we are settled in!  We have the best friends in the WORLD... thanks SOOOO much to all of you who helped make it possible for us to move and not have to drop $500+ in getting pro-movers.  My butt was too busy packing and moving to stop and take a SINGLE PICTURE- what the heck is wrong with me?!  We will let you know how it all turns out! 

We love you DanLeahBrendenChadAdamRyanLydiaAndrewRebecca!!!!!  We could not have moved this fast without you.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Incase you didnt get to see any fireworks this holiday weekend, let me share with you some of ours.  We set these off on the beach at Emerald Isle, NC.  Enjoy!

The crazy men you see lighting these fireworks are none other than David and Chad... Leah and I stayed at a safe distance away!  Have a great holiday!

The Grand Finale

Thank you for being patient with us as we have been moving.  We are moving all the last stuff tomorrow, so we should be up and running as usual soon!  

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Movin' on Up!

Here she is!!  The cute brown one on the end.  I started painting this evening and I am getting more and more excited.  Next week we will move everything in- AHHH!  If you are just itching to lift heavy boxes and furniture, we will be moving the bulk of the stuff Monday and Tuesday of next week... so come on out!  Once we are all settled in our new townhouse in South Raleigh, we will let you know so you can come on over for a house warming party!  Thanks so much to those of you that have already helped us with the move, and to those that are going to help!


My Daddy so kindly pointed out that we are in West Raleigh... but I believe we are actually in South West Raleigh.  The End. 

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wedding Story: Cara and Chris

I am so proud to be a part of the new school of photographers.  In general, the old school of photographers saw each other as competition, someone who was out to steal their clients and their ideas.  This new generation of photographers sees the other photographer as a resource.  Together they can share clients, when the other is already booked.  Together they can share photoshop tips, equipment issues, great locations for shoots, etc.  

I was fortunate enough to start out my journey as a photographer surrounded by women photographers who wanted to do just that.  We were doing that before we realized it was a trend- and thank goodness we are trendy, right April?  You have seen me link up my photographer friends on here several times- AprilRebecca (website soon), JoAnna, etc.  Because of my circle of photography ladies, I can now add another woman to my support list!  Rebecca was to second shoot a wedding with Amanda of Studio 310 photography in Smithfield, but went out of the country for a shoot at the last minute!  So together Rebecca and Amanda contacted me about taking Rebecca's place and helping Amanda out.  We had a blast together!  Here is a little of what I captured second shooting with Amanda at Cara and Chris' wedding...

The flowers... cubby-style.

100 points to the person that can correctly guess that the rings are placed on in this shot- which will also give you the hint about which room the ladies got ready in.  Here's your Hint: those rings were HOT.

Again, I just cant help myself... I love a ring shot.  I love these colors.  

Cara and her girls... notice the maid of honor gently holding that baby in!  That girl was one hot pregnant bridesmaid!

Chris and the men of his family- Dad and brothers.

Delicious.  The End.

Cara was so smokin' that even people outside had to start snapping pictures!

Not a dry eye with this shot!  Cara's sister is 6 months pregnant- isnt she rockin' her bridesmaid dress??  This is just too precious.

Cara and her adorable grandfather walking down the aisle. 

Tasty reflection after the ceremony.

A yummy little dip in the forest.

This is the first time I have EVER seen birdseed at a wedding!  I mean, I know it is the classic send off, but you just dont see it much any more.

Because of my optimal spot, I SOOO got birdseed in my hair, down my dress, etc.

Congrats, Cara and Chris!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Under the Sea

My Dad never fails to surprise us.  His most recent surprise to the family was a salt water tank at their house!  One of his customers does this, so they did a trade of sorts.  There are more fish and such on the way.  I am just excited that Dad is looking into whether or not the tank can handle a sea-horse.  Sea-horses are my FAVORITE.  How can you not love an animal that is so cute... and the males give birth to the babies?!  I did not have the lens I wanted with me, but here are a few shots just for fun....

My sister has already named practically everything in the tank, but the only names I can remember are Nemo (for obvious reasons that you will see) and the sea cucumber is named Larry after the Veggie Tales character.  Without further ado...

Amanda pointing out all the exciting things happening when I stepped away from the tank.

Hmm, dont remember the name for this one...  it was really shy.

Can you believe this shrimp?  Doesnt even look real with those colors!  This is one of those shrimp, like in Finding Nemo, that cleans the tank and the other fish in it.  This thing is so funny to watch!

This might be one of the only living things in the tank Amanda did not name.  ABS, hope you dont mind me picking on you in front of everyone reading :)- you can kill me later.

This fish (which I do not remember what Amanda named it) was the biggest diva model.  It was almost like it saw the lens and liked it.  So where ever I would point the camera this little fish would swim into my shot and face the lens.  It was a little crazy.  But I like anyone that appreciates a good shot, so I'll take it!

Yup, I am still here taking pictures, dont worry.

And again, the crazy thing is looking right at me.  CAMERA HOG.

Amanda did manage to name the sea cucumber.  Now I wouldnt think to name it, since it doesnt have a face and all... but Amanda is allowed to name whatever she wants.

My Dad found Nemo... I hope this little fish's Mom didnt die in the first scene and then he got kidnapped and deported to another country and then ended up in our tank...  oh well, thank goodness fish dont talk, cant ACTUALLY cry, etc.

There were some inhabitants of the tank that were not interested in a photoshoot at this time, so they might show up later, who knows!


Mothers Day!

I want to wish all the Moms, Mothers, Mommys, Mommas, Step-moms, Mother-in-laws, Grandmas, Grannys, Mimis, Meemaws, etc a happy Mother's Day!  Here are some important women in my life (all pictures were taken by Rebecca Mill at our wedding in Aug 06)...

Most importantly, Happy Mothers Day AND Happy Birthday, all at once on the same day, to my Mom!  I am so very thankful to have such an amazing Mom!  I could not ask for a better one.  I love you so much and am so grateful that we have become such good friends.  I love you!

Happy Mother's Day to my Granny!  She is actually my Mom's stepmother, and my only living grandmother.  Granny I miss you and need to see you soon!  I hope you are having a great Mother's Day today in Eden.  

And to my newest Mom(in-law), Joyce Teeter, I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day today!  I hate that we are not there to celebrate it with you, but know that David and I miss you and cant wait to see you soon.  We love you!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Matthew and Michael

The afternoon could not have been prettier!  The weather was perfect!  And the boys were full of energy!  :)

I had a great time with Matthew and Michael.  It was fun (and challenging) to shoot boys this age because MAN they could get silly.  You can also see Michael being a model in my blog post featuring a few of the preschool graduates at Ridge Road Baptist Preschool.  He was no stranger to seeing me behind the camera.  

Here's a little taste of the fun we had at Raleigh Little Theater's rose garden...

Yes, Michael looks a little bored.  When we started shooting there was a circus-like event that was practicing on the amphitheater stage behind and off to the side of me, so there were more exciting things to look at like a juggler, a band, and a trapeze artist.  

This hug might look cute and innocent now, but it was well on its way to trouble :)... I think I would have done the same thing.

This tree is soooo cool!  It has one stump, but there are several trees growing out of it.  This makes a PERFECT place to climb in and hide if you are small enough...

Enjoying a sweet moment with sweet smiles...

... annnnnd they are over it. :)

This shot is so fun to me!  After an impromptu tackle, Michael decided to lay on Matthew like this.  Luckily I was on my toes and grabbed this shot before the boys were on the run again.  

As the shoot was winding down the boys got more into it.  I love this sweet look!

Michael looks like he wants to lay back in the flowers and take a nap?

So they hang out in the flowers for a second...

As we were all packing up, the boys kept asking to have their picture taken- they were totally into being models!  I grabbed these two shots right before putting my camera away.  They turned out surprisingly well!  Goes to show that you can grab the best stuff when you havent even planned to.

More kids shoots to come!