Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Story: Jesse James Vogel!

Jesse came into the world April 10th, 2008 and I was so excited to finally get to photographically shoot the cute little man!  Jesse is the son of my boss/supervisor/etc at the nonprofit I work with, Christian Women's Job Corps.  Jesse was awesome while I was sticking my big ol camera in his little tiny face- what a trooper!  

I think Jesse was a little less than thrilled to be unexpectedly awoken from his nap...

"MOOOOOOM I was trying to sleep and now I am naked with this weird black thing is making clicking noises in front of meeeeeee."

This look says "Ok, Mommy told me it was ok, so, I think I am going to give in and let you do your thing..."

Precious details...

I LOVE a baby belly button.  

David saw this next picture and just could not resist adding the text- I think it works.  This edit was a collaborative effort :).

Adorable.  The End.

I imagine that at this time Jesse is telling Cara Lynn all about how crazy it is to be photographed professionally.  

Jamie is really into astronomy photography- how cool is that?!  Jesse experienced a wardrobe change to show off his martian shirt along with his Dad's cool telescope.  

I love shots like this between baby and Daddy....

Jesse and Mom hanging out in the garden.

LOVE this one... one of my favorites from the morning.

Everyone loves a cozy baby.

This tractor has been in Jamie's family a very long time.  His family fixed it up so that, just like his Daddy, Jesse can one day ride it too!  We are looking forward to capturing that progression as he gets bigger.  This is as close as it gets to riding for now...

I cant wait to document Jesse as he gets bigger and bigger!!

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