Friday, May 2, 2008

Graduation Season...

I have been waiting (impatiently) to post these pictures! The director of Ridge Road Baptist Preschool, Penny Atwood, had an awesome idea to do some surprise pictures of the graduates going on to kindergarten next year. I was so excited for several reasons. I love photographing children... these children know me, so I felt like I was able to capture their true spirit. It was also great to be able to offer a nontraditional, relaxed portrait to the parents when usually that is all that is offered in a school setting like that. I wanted to share a few with you... and let me just tell you, the majority of the kids in these classes have the most FABULOUS blue eyes. I wanted to go swimming in these eyes... out of this world. So I guess what I learned is that with people born after the year 2000, blue eyes are not longer the minority trait?









Sarah Grace


Can you believe that it is already May?! I certainly cannot. In May watch the blog for many kids shoots, engagements, and a few weddings!

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Studio 310 Photography said...

sooo cute!! the parents are going to love these!

i shot some (very traditional) ones a couple weeks ago so its probably time i posted them; i'm so slow. check them out though.