Saturday, May 10, 2008

Matthew and Michael

The afternoon could not have been prettier!  The weather was perfect!  And the boys were full of energy!  :)

I had a great time with Matthew and Michael.  It was fun (and challenging) to shoot boys this age because MAN they could get silly.  You can also see Michael being a model in my blog post featuring a few of the preschool graduates at Ridge Road Baptist Preschool.  He was no stranger to seeing me behind the camera.  

Here's a little taste of the fun we had at Raleigh Little Theater's rose garden...

Yes, Michael looks a little bored.  When we started shooting there was a circus-like event that was practicing on the amphitheater stage behind and off to the side of me, so there were more exciting things to look at like a juggler, a band, and a trapeze artist.  

This hug might look cute and innocent now, but it was well on its way to trouble :)... I think I would have done the same thing.

This tree is soooo cool!  It has one stump, but there are several trees growing out of it.  This makes a PERFECT place to climb in and hide if you are small enough...

Enjoying a sweet moment with sweet smiles...

... annnnnd they are over it. :)

This shot is so fun to me!  After an impromptu tackle, Michael decided to lay on Matthew like this.  Luckily I was on my toes and grabbed this shot before the boys were on the run again.  

As the shoot was winding down the boys got more into it.  I love this sweet look!

Michael looks like he wants to lay back in the flowers and take a nap?

So they hang out in the flowers for a second...

As we were all packing up, the boys kept asking to have their picture taken- they were totally into being models!  I grabbed these two shots right before putting my camera away.  They turned out surprisingly well!  Goes to show that you can grab the best stuff when you havent even planned to.

More kids shoots to come!

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Anonymous said...

The boys had sooooooooo much fun at the photo shoot. Thanks again, for the sneak peak and you are great to work with!