Sunday, May 11, 2008

Under the Sea

My Dad never fails to surprise us.  His most recent surprise to the family was a salt water tank at their house!  One of his customers does this, so they did a trade of sorts.  There are more fish and such on the way.  I am just excited that Dad is looking into whether or not the tank can handle a sea-horse.  Sea-horses are my FAVORITE.  How can you not love an animal that is so cute... and the males give birth to the babies?!  I did not have the lens I wanted with me, but here are a few shots just for fun....

My sister has already named practically everything in the tank, but the only names I can remember are Nemo (for obvious reasons that you will see) and the sea cucumber is named Larry after the Veggie Tales character.  Without further ado...

Amanda pointing out all the exciting things happening when I stepped away from the tank.

Hmm, dont remember the name for this one...  it was really shy.

Can you believe this shrimp?  Doesnt even look real with those colors!  This is one of those shrimp, like in Finding Nemo, that cleans the tank and the other fish in it.  This thing is so funny to watch!

This might be one of the only living things in the tank Amanda did not name.  ABS, hope you dont mind me picking on you in front of everyone reading :)- you can kill me later.

This fish (which I do not remember what Amanda named it) was the biggest diva model.  It was almost like it saw the lens and liked it.  So where ever I would point the camera this little fish would swim into my shot and face the lens.  It was a little crazy.  But I like anyone that appreciates a good shot, so I'll take it!

Yup, I am still here taking pictures, dont worry.

And again, the crazy thing is looking right at me.  CAMERA HOG.

Amanda did manage to name the sea cucumber.  Now I wouldnt think to name it, since it doesnt have a face and all... but Amanda is allowed to name whatever she wants.

My Dad found Nemo... I hope this little fish's Mom didnt die in the first scene and then he got kidnapped and deported to another country and then ended up in our tank...  oh well, thank goodness fish dont talk, cant ACTUALLY cry, etc.

There were some inhabitants of the tank that were not interested in a photoshoot at this time, so they might show up later, who knows!


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april said...

hahaa!! I think you should name that fish April. I like that fish A LOT.