Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wedding Story: Cara and Chris

I am so proud to be a part of the new school of photographers.  In general, the old school of photographers saw each other as competition, someone who was out to steal their clients and their ideas.  This new generation of photographers sees the other photographer as a resource.  Together they can share clients, when the other is already booked.  Together they can share photoshop tips, equipment issues, great locations for shoots, etc.  

I was fortunate enough to start out my journey as a photographer surrounded by women photographers who wanted to do just that.  We were doing that before we realized it was a trend- and thank goodness we are trendy, right April?  You have seen me link up my photographer friends on here several times- AprilRebecca (website soon), JoAnna, etc.  Because of my circle of photography ladies, I can now add another woman to my support list!  Rebecca was to second shoot a wedding with Amanda of Studio 310 photography in Smithfield, but went out of the country for a shoot at the last minute!  So together Rebecca and Amanda contacted me about taking Rebecca's place and helping Amanda out.  We had a blast together!  Here is a little of what I captured second shooting with Amanda at Cara and Chris' wedding...

The flowers... cubby-style.

100 points to the person that can correctly guess that the rings are placed on in this shot- which will also give you the hint about which room the ladies got ready in.  Here's your Hint: those rings were HOT.

Again, I just cant help myself... I love a ring shot.  I love these colors.  

Cara and her girls... notice the maid of honor gently holding that baby in!  That girl was one hot pregnant bridesmaid!

Chris and the men of his family- Dad and brothers.

Delicious.  The End.

Cara was so smokin' that even people outside had to start snapping pictures!

Not a dry eye with this shot!  Cara's sister is 6 months pregnant- isnt she rockin' her bridesmaid dress??  This is just too precious.

Cara and her adorable grandfather walking down the aisle. 

Tasty reflection after the ceremony.

A yummy little dip in the forest.

This is the first time I have EVER seen birdseed at a wedding!  I mean, I know it is the classic send off, but you just dont see it much any more.

Because of my optimal spot, I SOOO got birdseed in my hair, down my dress, etc.

Congrats, Cara and Chris!!


Mary said...

Those pictures are GREAT!! And I'm guessing the ladies got ready in the nursery area...particularly the toddler room with the play kitchen appliances...

Studio 310 Photography said...

LOVELY!! I can't wait to see everything!

I try sooo hard not to work on Sunday when I don't have a shoot, but it's tough when I want to see the photos from the wedding the day before. So thanks for giving me a preview. YEA!!

It was awesome shooting with you yesterday. Thanks again.

april said...

oh girl.. you are the smokin' HOT one!! wow... And so sweet on top of that!! One day I'll get to say that I know you, and I can drop a line like "I know Ashley Stephenson" to Mike Colon. Love you!!!

LaFlava said...

we need to get together soon and get some good food or something. me you and dahhv. for surrrius.

AngelaWag said...

I am desperately trying to find a cute maternity bridesmaid dress to wear for my sister's wedding. Could you possibly send me the info on the one your sis wore? It looks like it fit her perfectly! Thanks so much in advance:)