Friday, June 27, 2008

I am still here...

I am sure some of you are thinking that I have fallen off the face of the planet since I have not posted in a week. Alas, I am still here! I will be posting some shoots in the coming days- dont fret about that.

There are also some exciting things that David and I are working on right now. We are rebranding, which includes a new name, new logo, new website images, etc--- we are so excited! The new changes should fall into place by the end of the summer. We really cant wait to get all the changes out there for you to enjoy.

I had a family ask if it was too late to schedule for summer kids pictures to be taken- not too late at all! Shoot me an email or give me a call and we can schedule that.

Thanks for leaving comments! It MAKES a photographer's day!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Family Story: The Helms

I've got to start off by saying: We love this family! The Helms are so incredibly sweet. David and I had the privilege of keeping Claire, Anna and Paul for a few days this past May while their parents went on vacation- we had a blast! They were so well behaved... couldn't ask for better kids.

This morning I had an awesome time following this family around their yard as they played together, chased each other, snuggled each other and ate together! Enjoy...

The Helms, hanging out in the backyard...

The men.

Daddy and the Ladies!

Claire and Mommy spider swinging... I used to LOVE to spider swing!

"Excuse me Ashley, I am not interested in taking pictures, I have crackers to eat."

A fun twist on a sweet moment... notice Paul's little crocs in the background.

Stephanie has won a parent hoolahoop contest at Claire's school... here are her mad skills....

"Attack Mommy!"

Creatively getting these things to happen at one time: Paul to get in the picture, Paul to look happy in the picture, all three kids in the frame at one time.

Anna: Paul, can I try your popsicle?

Paul: [insert what you think Paul's response was here]

Thanks for the popsicles, Mom.

All Smiles!

This last one is just too cute. Everyone was passing around fish and eskimo kisses. It was like I just dropped into a normal day on the front porch of the Helm's home.

Thanks for a fun morning!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wedding Story: Laura and Ryan

The weather could not have been more perfect in Asheville on Friday the 13th.  Not too hot, gorgeous skies.  The This awesome couple was referred to us (we LOVE referrals!) by some Campbell friends whose wedding was one of the first that I shot on my own.  The wedding and reception were both held at the incredible Homewood, located not too far from the Biltmore Estate.  This venue was awesome!  Enough talking, lets get to the goods!

Rings on the cork from the wine bottle given to the bride.

Gorgeous hair.  This bride was made for the magazines... you'll see.

The ceremony took place in what they call "the glenn", which is stunning, and to get there you must travel down the hill on this path.  Here the wedding party is demonstrating that for you...

The stage was terraced out of the hill, covered with slate, and can be reach by granite slab steps.

During the formal pictures the ring bearer just wasn't interested in being photographed- he had more important things to do at the reception, of which you will see further down.

This quaint little house sat beside the Homewood.  HAD to use it.  Duh.

I mean LOOK at her.  Laura was just FABULOUS.  All day.  Looked perfect.  Someone put this girl in a magazine pronto!

First dance... processed with the action "Grandma's Tap Shoes" from the new Totally Rad Actions!  I am in love with them...

This adorable moment where Ryan was trying to cake Laura was processed with "Pool Party" from the new set of actions.

100 points to the person who can name this MTV celeb aka the best man of the groom.

Ah, here we have the ring bearer.  After a slight wardrobe change to add the red baby crocs and a duck blankey, he had to show everyone up with his awesome dance moves.  And really, he was dancing, not just walking around.  It was precious! 

Laura's Maid of Honor was her sister, who is due next month!  What a trooper!!  This awesome sister moment is when Laura got to feel the baby kicking while Mom looks on.

A lovely view of the Homewood Estate as the sun had set... straight out of camera.

I could stand to be thanked with chocolate any day!  This one was processed with "Milk and Cookies" from the Totally Rad2 set.  

What a beautiful wedding!  Thanks Laura and Ryan for including us in your day!  We had so much good stuff that this post is just my pictures- I didn't invite David to post bc there was just too much good stuff!  Maybe he will do a mini-post??

Another kids shoot tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sibling Story: Dickens Kids

I had such a great time Monday morning with Christian, Tyler and Genie!  These kids are full of energy and curiosity.  They were picking up all kinds of creatures... ants, slugs, worms- you name it.  This was Christian's favorite slug that he found...

We took their pictures in what was their great grandparent's, now grandparent's yard.  The kids have a ritual of checking under all the slate walk way slabs for what creepy crawly creatures might be hiding underneath.

Allison, the kids mom, was telling me about how when she was little she would have dreams that she could fly down this long, windy driveway.  I love sharing stories.  

Out of the whole set on the swing, this one is my favorite.  I think it speaks to their true dynamics- Tyler and Christian busy tickling each other, while Genie is busy looking elsewhere.  

Love these freckles.  Love the blue eyes.

Tyler was prompted to show me her mad face, but could hardly hold it...

... it made her laugh every time!

Genie wanted to do just like Tyler, except after every picture she wanted to hop off the chair and see what it looked like.

Caught a good smile out of her!

All four of the Dickens kids :).


The best part about this picture is that I did not ask Christian to do this.  He just walked right on over and settled in beside Remmy.  Precious!

Another cute one I snuck in of Genie.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Personal Story: Fathers Day

Its time again for Father's day!  This morning we are in Jacksonville spending time with Davids family, then we will head back to Raleigh after lunch to be with my family.  Like I did on Mother's Day, just wanted to introduce you to the men in my life.  I will also be using pictures from our wedding (Aug 2006) like I did in the earlier post.

Most importantly, Happy Fathers Day to the first Man-of-my-Life, my Daddy!  Popsicle, I am so proud of you and your accomplishments.  Subconsciously I thought you were doing so great at owning your own business that I decided to try it out as well- we are soooooo much alike.  I love you so much and am so thankful for you!

Happy Fathers Day to Big David (Sr)!  It was great to be with you this weekend- we always love our time in Jacksonville!  Thank you for being such an awesome father to David, showing him how to be a loving husband.

Papa, Happy Father's Day!  We miss you, and hope you are feeling good on this day.  We are thinking about you, and will see you soon!

Happy Birthday to all you fathers out there!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Woman's Story: Jewelry as Healing Art

I have had the great fortune at so early in my "artistic career" to be a part of some amazing spiritually healing moments through my art.  I have had one such occasion (that I know of) with photography- I will share that story at another time.  But I am finding that I can also help others find healing in the creating and soldering of jewelry art (as seen posted here and here).  It is such a gift to me when I can creatively help someone, especially a woman, connect/heal/reflect/move forward in her journey.   

I was "commissioned" to make a necklace by a friend of mine, for a friend of her that I do not know.  I asked my friend to tell me some things about this woman that I did not know... favorite colors, interests, important life events.  In asking that, I not only come to find this woman's favorite colors, her tattoos, but also to find out the pain in her life... and the healing that is beginning to take place from it.  So I go from there... knowing to go with orange and green... she has a tattoo of the word "new" in greek... and that she is recovering from a painful situation that has happened to her.  I find this woman, face to the sky with hopeful strength, wearing a bold orange.  In the serenity of the green background hovers a Hebrew word for "new", matching her tattoo and signifying this new chapter in her life, moving forward and onward from the pain.  And in flipping through an old book I found the words that I put on the back- "and do not haunt me thus."  Whenever this woman tries to turn around, or when the past tries to haunt her, she can remember to firmly say "do not haunt me!" and look forward in her newness with hope.

Please let me know if I can serve you or a friend in this way.  I would be delighted.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blow you Away

I am about to blow you away with the amount of photographic talent in one picture.  Are you ready?  Can you handle it??

(from the right) Teresa, Amber, Yours Truly, Jo, April, Amanda, and Becca
(back row) The Hubs aka David 

I have the insane privilege to get to share a meal with these amazing ladies and gentleman, usually about once a month.   We get together and talk about business, photoshop, shooting locations, our experiences.  We share resources, help each other out with equipment and shoots, teach each other new things.  We laugh our BUTTS off.  There are some people of the "old school" that would call us insane/stupid/etc for having our meeting of the minds, but we think (along with a growing movement of young and/or postmodern photographers that believe the best situation for everyone is working together.  I could not be more thankful for this group of people.  Our place next month!

Just got in from a gorgeous wedding in Asheville, NC.  Look for that post on Laura and Ryan's wedding coming in the next few days!  Let me tell you, there are some exciting things going on around here... cant wait to fill  you in on more!!  Here's a hint: things are going to look a little different, and sound a little different...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wedding Story: Amy and Matt

Matt and Amy are awesome!  They got married outside, at 11:00am, with the high 102 degrees, heat index feeling even hotter than that- and through the sweat, their love and joy still shone right through.  I think I could have asked them to jump into a lake and they would have done it (well especially to cool off!)- they were that eager to do what they needed to in order to get awesome shots.  I am very excited to share with you some images from their day.  David and I had a hard time not posting a billion images so bare with us as we show you a few more than usual!

Have to admit, got this idea off a couple of other photographer's blogs.  Loving it.


David, you amaze me.  Matt and his brothers.

David catches a Matt in a quiet moment with the movement of the day around him.

Lots of yummy lines.

I  need to figure out how to make these pictures come up bigger on here!  Help, April!  I love the lines and color palette in this one.  It seemed that everywhere I wanted to place Amy yesterday, the sun was streaming through the trees right onto her.  She was truly radiant.

A beautiful, relaxed bridal portrait.

A paparazzi view of the ceremony through a rose bush, courtesy of David.

Amy and Matt decided they were going to do foot-washing during the ceremony.  Somebody forgot to bring the basin out to the garden, so they improvised and used the fountain.  Adorable.

Fresh newlyweds!

There was this tree stump that had a seat back carved into it.  Well I could not HELP but to put Amy on that natural "seat".  She looked like the fairy queen of the woods.

Going for the industrial look that is oh so popular...

Again.  Love it.

Their expressions during their first dance (and through out the day) were so real- so much love and happiness!

Loving it.  Looks like I snapped a polaroid.

Never underestimate the groomsmen and their friends!  This group of guys had the best time dancing and singing... here we have the groom, his brothers and friends.

I am pleased to announce that this was my first really good cake-in-face experience at a wedding that I have shot.  These two are so fun- I am so not surprised I had it with them!

I could not stop laughing as I was taking this ring shot.  As I set it up, I was hoping that I could some how get the fish in my shot.  Well, low and behold the fish decided it was her day to be a model.  I took several different pictures and the fish just hung out right there... staring at me.