Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baby Story: Elgin at 6 months

I opened up this photography blog of mine with a shoot I did with an adorable little man, Elgin, who had been born a month before the shoot that took place.  He is now about to be 6 months old!  These past few months have flown by!!  It was great to hang out with my friends (Mommy and Daddy to Elgin) that are not in Raleigh, and together we marveled at how fast Elgin is growing up.

Elgin likes to hang out (and sing along?) in Dad's guitar case while Dad serenades him.

Elgin helps by holding the capo... in his mouth...

Laughing at Daddy in the background.

Ok, something was REALLY funny!

Play time...

... even for Mom and Dad.

Caught this little snuggley moment after an outfit change...

"I will NOT play baseball!  It is entirely too hot out here already and I would rather be naked!"

"Ok fine I think I can play a little baseball so this lady can take my picture"

Here we have Elgin in his madras and polo- precious!

Rubber Ducky you're the one for me.

Being naked is the best thing EVERRRRRR- wouldnt you guess that from the look of joy as seen below?

Watch OUT- light up rubber ducky.

The littlest things in life are exciting- the pouring of the water.

We will be doing his one year old shoot before we know it!!


Anonymous said...

AMAZING!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!! i LOVE each and every one of captured such great moments!!! thank you so much...i can't even tell you how absolutely grateful i am for you capturing these moments so far at one month and six months...they will be cherished are amazing these look so great, can't wait to see the rest...really I CAN"T!!! thanks again!

the.indie.image said...

i've been wanting to put a baby in a guitar case for a while! so cute!