Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blow you Away

I am about to blow you away with the amount of photographic talent in one picture.  Are you ready?  Can you handle it??

(from the right) Teresa, Amber, Yours Truly, Jo, April, Amanda, and Becca
(back row) The Hubs aka David 

I have the insane privilege to get to share a meal with these amazing ladies and gentleman, usually about once a month.   We get together and talk about business, photoshop, shooting locations, our experiences.  We share resources, help each other out with equipment and shoots, teach each other new things.  We laugh our BUTTS off.  There are some people of the "old school" that would call us insane/stupid/etc for having our meeting of the minds, but we think (along with a growing movement of young and/or postmodern photographers that believe the best situation for everyone is working together.  I could not be more thankful for this group of people.  Our place next month!

Just got in from a gorgeous wedding in Asheville, NC.  Look for that post on Laura and Ryan's wedding coming in the next few days!  Let me tell you, there are some exciting things going on around here... cant wait to fill  you in on more!!  Here's a hint: things are going to look a little different, and sound a little different...

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the.indie.image said...

ooooo i'm excited about the asheville post! and I love that pic of us! its about time we got on that side of the camera:-)