Thursday, June 19, 2008

Family Story: The Helms

I've got to start off by saying: We love this family! The Helms are so incredibly sweet. David and I had the privilege of keeping Claire, Anna and Paul for a few days this past May while their parents went on vacation- we had a blast! They were so well behaved... couldn't ask for better kids.

This morning I had an awesome time following this family around their yard as they played together, chased each other, snuggled each other and ate together! Enjoy...

The Helms, hanging out in the backyard...

The men.

Daddy and the Ladies!

Claire and Mommy spider swinging... I used to LOVE to spider swing!

"Excuse me Ashley, I am not interested in taking pictures, I have crackers to eat."

A fun twist on a sweet moment... notice Paul's little crocs in the background.

Stephanie has won a parent hoolahoop contest at Claire's school... here are her mad skills....

"Attack Mommy!"

Creatively getting these things to happen at one time: Paul to get in the picture, Paul to look happy in the picture, all three kids in the frame at one time.

Anna: Paul, can I try your popsicle?

Paul: [insert what you think Paul's response was here]

Thanks for the popsicles, Mom.

All Smiles!

This last one is just too cute. Everyone was passing around fish and eskimo kisses. It was like I just dropped into a normal day on the front porch of the Helm's home.

Thanks for a fun morning!

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april said...

oh my friggin' gosh!! That "you'll never get my sucker" shot is awesome!! You are ssoooooo incredibly gifted with families & children. Holy smokes...