Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sibling Story: Dickens Kids

I had such a great time Monday morning with Christian, Tyler and Genie!  These kids are full of energy and curiosity.  They were picking up all kinds of creatures... ants, slugs, worms- you name it.  This was Christian's favorite slug that he found...

We took their pictures in what was their great grandparent's, now grandparent's yard.  The kids have a ritual of checking under all the slate walk way slabs for what creepy crawly creatures might be hiding underneath.

Allison, the kids mom, was telling me about how when she was little she would have dreams that she could fly down this long, windy driveway.  I love sharing stories.  

Out of the whole set on the swing, this one is my favorite.  I think it speaks to their true dynamics- Tyler and Christian busy tickling each other, while Genie is busy looking elsewhere.  

Love these freckles.  Love the blue eyes.

Tyler was prompted to show me her mad face, but could hardly hold it...

... it made her laugh every time!

Genie wanted to do just like Tyler, except after every picture she wanted to hop off the chair and see what it looked like.

Caught a good smile out of her!

All four of the Dickens kids :).


The best part about this picture is that I did not ask Christian to do this.  He just walked right on over and settled in beside Remmy.  Precious!

Another cute one I snuck in of Genie.