Friday, June 6, 2008

Sister Story: Vincent Girls

There is nothing like a group of sisters.  The closeness, the laughter, and helping one another.  The ofcourse there is always the fighting and bossing around.  I am a big sister who loves her little sister- and she still seems to like me after many years of me bossing her around!  Thursday I took pictures of the Vincent girls, reminding me of the dynamics of sisters at a certain age.  I met Nancy, the youngest sister, at preschool.  Actually I know her quite well because she was in my class!  SUCH a sweet girl.  So I had a blast hanging out with in the hot afternoon with her and her two sisters so they can surprise their Dad for his birthday with pictures.  

Meet Grace (oldest, at the top of the ladder), Mary Frances (in the middle), 
and then Nancy (the youngest).

A silly picture is ALWAYS appropriate.

Grace needs to try out for the kids version of America's next top model!  When I started snapping away pictures of her, she made sure to change up her pose every few seconds- and I didn't even tell her to do that!

Mary Frances as the sweetest smile. 

I love getting a big grin out of Nancy!

It is always a challenge to get three kids to all look at you AND have a pleasant look at the same time...

The creek we played in was in their neighbor's yard.  When we returned to the girl's yard, I told them to find a great spot in the grass in their front yard for a little one on one shooting.  These are so cute I cant stand it!  And let me say again, I LOVE shooting portraits with the 50mm.

LOVE my 50mm f1.8... this picture is straight out of the camera, as well as the other two just like it of the other two girls. 

I had a great time girls!  I hope your Daddy is really surprised!

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