Monday, June 9, 2008

Wedding Story: Amy and Matt

Matt and Amy are awesome!  They got married outside, at 11:00am, with the high 102 degrees, heat index feeling even hotter than that- and through the sweat, their love and joy still shone right through.  I think I could have asked them to jump into a lake and they would have done it (well especially to cool off!)- they were that eager to do what they needed to in order to get awesome shots.  I am very excited to share with you some images from their day.  David and I had a hard time not posting a billion images so bare with us as we show you a few more than usual!

Have to admit, got this idea off a couple of other photographer's blogs.  Loving it.


David, you amaze me.  Matt and his brothers.

David catches a Matt in a quiet moment with the movement of the day around him.

Lots of yummy lines.

I  need to figure out how to make these pictures come up bigger on here!  Help, April!  I love the lines and color palette in this one.  It seemed that everywhere I wanted to place Amy yesterday, the sun was streaming through the trees right onto her.  She was truly radiant.

A beautiful, relaxed bridal portrait.

A paparazzi view of the ceremony through a rose bush, courtesy of David.

Amy and Matt decided they were going to do foot-washing during the ceremony.  Somebody forgot to bring the basin out to the garden, so they improvised and used the fountain.  Adorable.

Fresh newlyweds!

There was this tree stump that had a seat back carved into it.  Well I could not HELP but to put Amy on that natural "seat".  She looked like the fairy queen of the woods.

Going for the industrial look that is oh so popular...

Again.  Love it.

Their expressions during their first dance (and through out the day) were so real- so much love and happiness!

Loving it.  Looks like I snapped a polaroid.

Never underestimate the groomsmen and their friends!  This group of guys had the best time dancing and singing... here we have the groom, his brothers and friends.

I am pleased to announce that this was my first really good cake-in-face experience at a wedding that I have shot.  These two are so fun- I am so not surprised I had it with them!

I could not stop laughing as I was taking this ring shot.  As I set it up, I was hoping that I could some how get the fish in my shot.  Well, low and behold the fish decided it was her day to be a model.  I took several different pictures and the fish just hung out right there... staring at me.


Amanda Ward Dengler said...
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studio 310 said...

i like the one of the groom that's kind of out of focus and shows movement—i think that's how my brain would have felt too if i had been outside for a wedding at noon.