Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wedding Story: Laura and Adam

I am a bit slower to post this week as we are still settling into our new place!  I am excited to share with you images that both David and I took from the awesome wedding we shot this past Saturday in Marion, NC.  Laura and Adam were both so sweet all day long!  We hope you enjoy this look into their day.... since I was slow to blog I made sure to through in some extra shots.  

Sweet Harper admiring Laura's gorgeous dress...

This awesome window was in this family's house that lives next door to the church where the ceremony was taking place.  This family was so awesome!  They were so hospitable- and they even had three young children to watch after while 10+ people were in and out of their house all morning and afternoon till the ceremony began.

I have to say I was impressed with my husband for coming up with this guy shot.  Adam is at the top with both his dad and Laura's dad, while the rest of the groomsmen hang out on the other levels.  

More of David's funkyfunky with the guys...

Hey ladies!  What a great group of girls.  They were all so laid back and chill... Laura included.  They just seemed to have a great time hanging out while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

I was warned that this little lady might become the star of the day.  Harper was the flower girl's little sister, and a resident at the funky/fabulous house that the girls got ready in.  While she didnt surpass the fabulousness of the Bride, I believe she came in second!  This beautiful lady was just adorable all day long... and not hard to photograph at all!

Harper quietly pointed out to her Daddy that she was the only one without flowers, so together they went outside and picked some out of their yard.  Could she be more precious?

Laura and her Dad waiting for the doors to open.  They were adorable to watch all day long.  

David got this amazing shot of Adam watching Laura walk down the aisle to him.  I dont know if you can see it, but there is a big 'ol precious tear falling out of his eye... beautiful!

A nice vintage feel on a walk after a beautiful ceremony...

David's take on a shot of this same pose that I posted a few days ago:

A grassy field is a beautiful thing...

David's view of the getaway car:

My view:

I cannot resist a little girl dancing.  I went through a faze where I only wanted to wear a dress, and I tested the dress out to make sure it would twirl before I could wear it.  Can you even believe that about me?!

Adam took the garter off and threw it so fast I thought I had missed it!  But low and behold, there it is, flying through the air...

What a fabulous day!  


Kara said...

You both did so well! I'm glad you felt welcome. I think you did such a beautiful job. Thank you for taking some pics of the girls. I will totally put some through the house! Your kindness and hard work were noticed by many!

the.indie.image said...

Awesomtastic. :-)