Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wedding Story: Laura and Ryan

The weather could not have been more perfect in Asheville on Friday the 13th.  Not too hot, gorgeous skies.  The This awesome couple was referred to us (we LOVE referrals!) by some Campbell friends whose wedding was one of the first that I shot on my own.  The wedding and reception were both held at the incredible Homewood, located not too far from the Biltmore Estate.  This venue was awesome!  Enough talking, lets get to the goods!

Rings on the cork from the wine bottle given to the bride.

Gorgeous hair.  This bride was made for the magazines... you'll see.

The ceremony took place in what they call "the glenn", which is stunning, and to get there you must travel down the hill on this path.  Here the wedding party is demonstrating that for you...

The stage was terraced out of the hill, covered with slate, and can be reach by granite slab steps.

During the formal pictures the ring bearer just wasn't interested in being photographed- he had more important things to do at the reception, of which you will see further down.

This quaint little house sat beside the Homewood.  HAD to use it.  Duh.

I mean LOOK at her.  Laura was just FABULOUS.  All day.  Looked perfect.  Someone put this girl in a magazine pronto!

First dance... processed with the action "Grandma's Tap Shoes" from the new Totally Rad Actions!  I am in love with them...

This adorable moment where Ryan was trying to cake Laura was processed with "Pool Party" from the new set of actions.

100 points to the person who can name this MTV celeb aka the best man of the groom.

Ah, here we have the ring bearer.  After a slight wardrobe change to add the red baby crocs and a duck blankey, he had to show everyone up with his awesome dance moves.  And really, he was dancing, not just walking around.  It was precious! 

Laura's Maid of Honor was her sister, who is due next month!  What a trooper!!  This awesome sister moment is when Laura got to feel the baby kicking while Mom looks on.

A lovely view of the Homewood Estate as the sun had set... straight out of camera.

I could stand to be thanked with chocolate any day!  This one was processed with "Milk and Cookies" from the Totally Rad2 set.  

What a beautiful wedding!  Thanks Laura and Ryan for including us in your day!  We had so much good stuff that this post is just my pictures- I didn't invite David to post bc there was just too much good stuff!  Maybe he will do a mini-post??

Another kids shoot tomorrow!


april said...

GIRL - THESE NEED TO BE LARGER!! FIX THEM ASAP!! I want to see them juicified!! Which.. they are super juicy as is. I ADORE that laughing shot of her in his lap. That is friggin' priceless. And I LOVE how you used those actions.. envious. And sleepy from our midnight madness!! *smooches*

the.indie.image said...

so jealous of that location! sweet spot! You did another fabulous job:-)

ERW said...

Uhh... THATS BIG EASY!!! HA I watch too much reality tv. I don't even have cable. Its the internet!! That's awesome!! PS. It's Emily Waggoner... Hi Ashley :) 100 points??