Thursday, June 12, 2008

Woman's Story: Jewelry as Healing Art

I have had the great fortune at so early in my "artistic career" to be a part of some amazing spiritually healing moments through my art.  I have had one such occasion (that I know of) with photography- I will share that story at another time.  But I am finding that I can also help others find healing in the creating and soldering of jewelry art (as seen posted here and here).  It is such a gift to me when I can creatively help someone, especially a woman, connect/heal/reflect/move forward in her journey.   

I was "commissioned" to make a necklace by a friend of mine, for a friend of her that I do not know.  I asked my friend to tell me some things about this woman that I did not know... favorite colors, interests, important life events.  In asking that, I not only come to find this woman's favorite colors, her tattoos, but also to find out the pain in her life... and the healing that is beginning to take place from it.  So I go from there... knowing to go with orange and green... she has a tattoo of the word "new" in greek... and that she is recovering from a painful situation that has happened to her.  I find this woman, face to the sky with hopeful strength, wearing a bold orange.  In the serenity of the green background hovers a Hebrew word for "new", matching her tattoo and signifying this new chapter in her life, moving forward and onward from the pain.  And in flipping through an old book I found the words that I put on the back- "and do not haunt me thus."  Whenever this woman tries to turn around, or when the past tries to haunt her, she can remember to firmly say "do not haunt me!" and look forward in her newness with hope.

Please let me know if I can serve you or a friend in this way.  I would be delighted.

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the.indie.image said...

that is so neat! great job, as usual!