Monday, July 28, 2008

Service Story: Toys for the Salvation Army

While I was out of town last week, David did his first shoot without me!  I must say that he did an awesome job.  David and Robyn, our friend that is on staff at the Salvation Army in downtown Raleigh, headed over to a retirement community in North Raleigh to check out the awesome way that they are serving the community at large.  

Before I get into more detail about what David was able to document, I do want to mention that if you are in the Raleigh area, please know that the financial crisis going on in this country has trickled down to the service organizations.  During the summer donations typically come in slower for groups like the Salvation Army, but this summer they are in great need for donations.  In particular, the food bank at the Salvation Army is extremely low, and for the first time in a LONG time, they had to go to Sam's Club to purchase food for the pantry.  I encourage you in your grocery shopping to at least grab a few nonperishable items to drop off to your nearest Salvation Army or other service organization.

Back to David's shoot!  There are some men and women that live in this community that spend all year making wooden toys to donate to various groups to give under privileged children at christmas.  One of the places they donate to is the Salvation Army of Raleigh.  David got to go check out what they do and how they do it...

Cutting out the various shapes needed for each toy...

A little sanding to smooth those rough edges...

This is the assembling and painting work room.

A variety of finished products!

Thanks for giving to your local helping ministry/service!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Business Story: Album Madness!

Not only do we offer wrap canvas prints now, we are also beginning to offer albums!  I do not have sample pictures yet as my orders have been placed or are being placed and won't get here for a few weeks.  As soon as they come in I can't WAIT to show you how awesome they are!  For right now, let me show you the albums that I would like to offer using their images off the actual company's website.

The first album I want to show you is from the KISS Wedding Book company.  This is a company owned and run by photographers so they believe in offering an awesome product with a simple and easy way to order.  This company also only offers a simple variety of products- 3 different sizes (8 x 8, 10 x 10, and 12 x 12), 6 different colors (black, brown, tan, blue, lime green and red).  We are all about simple yet striking.  You can order anywhere from 20 pages to 80 pages.  I ordered a lime green, 8 x 8 sample album with images from Amy and Matt's wedding- you better believe I will show images once I have that book in my hands!  Here are some images of a green and a red album that I pulled off the KISS blog:

The other two types of albums that we will offer will come from the Forbeyon album company.  The first will be the flushmount album, which looks to be your typical leather album.  I love how you can put the cameo picture in funky places on the front!  The sample I am ordering if this album is a black leather book featuring Laura and Ryan's wedding.  Here are a few pictures I lifted off their blog... but check out their website to see the different colors you can order in this album:

The second album that I want to offer from Forbeyon is their Perfect Bound books.  This are different from the first two in that the pages are much thinner.  They describe it as a magazine style book.  It can be printed hardbound or softbound.  These not only would be a funky, cheaper alternative for a wedding album, but would be awesome for engagements, bridals, and family shoots.  The sample that I am ordering will contain images from the Helms family shoot.

The image below was pulled from the Forbeyon blog, and the larger book on the left is a flushmount black leather album that I mentioned ordering above.  Then beside it, with the red stripe, is the perfect bound book.

Two more examples of the adorable perfect bound book.

Aren't those awesome?!  I am so excited about getting my samples in the mail.  Like with the simply canvases, if I have already shot your event, even if it was a year ago, and you would like to order an album, please let me know!  I would love to help you have a classy way to remember your day, and help tell the story of that moment in your life to others.  

Last thing I want to mention is that the fabulous Rebecca is going to be designing my albums for me.  I am so excited about what she can do... my sample books will blow you away!  As soon as they come in I will be showing them off on the blog.  Thanks for hanging in there with this long post!  I cant wait to get your album design going!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Music Story: Martha Ann Motel

Sunday evening, Martha Ann Motel played at the Brewery in Raleigh-- and once again, blew me away!!  The ladies of the band never go to practice, so it is always a surprise to hear new songs of changes they have made to the old ones at the shows  Sure, being married to the lead singer means that I hear all the songs allll the time... but it is a LOT different with the whole band playing with him.

It was so awesome to get to hang out and catch up with people from different parts of my life at the show.  Thank you all for coming out and supporting the band.  We were especially excited to have David's brothers come to the show.  Like I said before, I know you might think my opinion is biased, but these guys blow me away when they get up there!!!!

(I am bringing these pictures in straight off the camera... so my apologies if they are not the vision of perfection.)

Three official Teeter boys and one unofficial Teeter boy before David plays.

David and Adam flirting :)


Adam in action.

Ryan L was sleepy?

Now he is awake.

Teeter brothers sitting on the stage.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wedding Story: Anna and Richard

Thank you, Sarah Calvert, for telling Anna and Richard about us!  We had an awesome time shooting this wedding.  The ceremony started out at a church in Dunn, followed by good food and dancing in Fuquay Varina.  The weather was a little wacky- switching complete downpours to hot muggy sun.  Depsite the weather, the day went so well!  Here are several shots from Richard and Anna's day...

To help remember what outfit belonged to who :)

David knows how to make the guys work it.

You know me... a ring shot FANATIC.

Anna getting ready with the help of her mom, her sister and her best friend.  What else could a girl ask for?!

Stealing a sweet moment before the reception- the rain magically halted for a few different pictures outside then it came right back when we were finished.

I love the adoring glances exchanged during the first dance...

I noticed that I rarely post a cake shot... sooooo here is their classy cake.

Everyone loves a ring on a seashell with barnacles and stuff all over it...  right?

I also hear that everyone loves a ring shot that involves food.  Kisses anyone?

The maid of honor, Anna's best friend, wrote a song as her toast.  She was choked up the entire time... it was beautiful.

One of the little dancing ladies got so frustrated when all adults took over the dance floor to do the macarena!  Never fear, the father of the groom decided that they were going to do their own version of the dance, that basically meant they would jump and turn when everyone else did.  She bought it. 

I just happened to notice that one of my favorite little ladies of the evening and snuck her way back to the groom.  He was holding her as he started telling other people goodbye, and right as I took the picture she decided to give him a sweet kiss on the cheek.  

LOTS of bubbles to walk through!

This is what photographers call "a happy accident".  Just as Richard had helped Anna into his truck, David and I took a picture at the same time.  I love the way that his flash showing up makes this moment more dramatic.  Yum.

Richard and Anna, despite the random downpours of rain, your day turned out to be beautiful!  How amazing that anytime you two needed to go outside, suddenly the rain would clear right up and give you a break.  Thanks so much for including David and I in your Day!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Personal Story: Care-free Little Girls

This past Saturday I shot Richard and Anna's wedding (which I will blog tomorrow) and realized something about myself.  I don't think this was a new realization, but I am finding that since I have taken a different direction in life (i.e. becoming a photographer) than I thought I would, I am able to see and understand myself in a different way.

I love watching people. I am that person who knew who everyone was in high school whether they new me or not. I guess it is just part of who I am to notice people, and remember details about them. I like to observe how people interact with others... I am interested in figuring out pieces of people's stories as I watch. I have always been this way, and I just made that connection while shooting the reception on Saturday evening. I loved watching who would dance with who, smiling as husbands and wives would trade dance partners with another couple that was close to them, or as the little girls would all beg the groom to dance with them just one more time.

One of my favorite things to watch at a reception is the little girls. It is always the little girls that are first to rush to the dance floor when the music gets going. They dance in their crazy, careless way... full of freedom, not caring one BIT who is looking, or if they look ridiculas. Dont get me wrong, I love to dance! But I wish that I could dance with their disregard to the rules. Sometimes I just have this pure itch to do so... but cant bring myself to do it.

I want to share with you some of the beautiful girls that I saw dancing their hearts out...

(there were many other times were the dance floor was full of kids of all ages dancing as hard as they could... i just chose to highlight the times when these little ladies took over!)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Business Story: Simply Canvas

As we are rebranding and expanding (are you tired of hearing about this yet?), David and I have been looking for new ways to make our clients experience with us awesome.  One way that we have found is through the products offered by Simply Canvas.  They offer amazing wrap canvases that are just gorgeous.  You can order them in TONS of different sizes... they even let you come up with your own size if none of the ones that they typically offer meet your needs.  I loved what I saw, but I am always skeptical until I can get my hands on a product.  I ordered a few sample prints and I LOVE them!  Check them out...

A ring shot from Cara and Chris' wedding...

The beautiful Laura snuggling up to her brand new hubs, Ryan.

Dont you just love them?!  David and I want to get one or two for ourselves!!  I would love to order a print (or several) for you and your family!  Even if I have done your shoot forever ago, please email me ( or leave a comment here and we will get your order on it's way!  I just think these canvases are a beautiful, striking way to display a part of your story in your home.  Thanks, Simply Canvas, for a gorgeous product!