Friday, July 25, 2008

Business Story: Album Madness!

Not only do we offer wrap canvas prints now, we are also beginning to offer albums!  I do not have sample pictures yet as my orders have been placed or are being placed and won't get here for a few weeks.  As soon as they come in I can't WAIT to show you how awesome they are!  For right now, let me show you the albums that I would like to offer using their images off the actual company's website.

The first album I want to show you is from the KISS Wedding Book company.  This is a company owned and run by photographers so they believe in offering an awesome product with a simple and easy way to order.  This company also only offers a simple variety of products- 3 different sizes (8 x 8, 10 x 10, and 12 x 12), 6 different colors (black, brown, tan, blue, lime green and red).  We are all about simple yet striking.  You can order anywhere from 20 pages to 80 pages.  I ordered a lime green, 8 x 8 sample album with images from Amy and Matt's wedding- you better believe I will show images once I have that book in my hands!  Here are some images of a green and a red album that I pulled off the KISS blog:

The other two types of albums that we will offer will come from the Forbeyon album company.  The first will be the flushmount album, which looks to be your typical leather album.  I love how you can put the cameo picture in funky places on the front!  The sample I am ordering if this album is a black leather book featuring Laura and Ryan's wedding.  Here are a few pictures I lifted off their blog... but check out their website to see the different colors you can order in this album:

The second album that I want to offer from Forbeyon is their Perfect Bound books.  This are different from the first two in that the pages are much thinner.  They describe it as a magazine style book.  It can be printed hardbound or softbound.  These not only would be a funky, cheaper alternative for a wedding album, but would be awesome for engagements, bridals, and family shoots.  The sample that I am ordering will contain images from the Helms family shoot.

The image below was pulled from the Forbeyon blog, and the larger book on the left is a flushmount black leather album that I mentioned ordering above.  Then beside it, with the red stripe, is the perfect bound book.

Two more examples of the adorable perfect bound book.

Aren't those awesome?!  I am so excited about getting my samples in the mail.  Like with the simply canvases, if I have already shot your event, even if it was a year ago, and you would like to order an album, please let me know!  I would love to help you have a classy way to remember your day, and help tell the story of that moment in your life to others.  

Last thing I want to mention is that the fabulous Rebecca is going to be designing my albums for me.  I am so excited about what she can do... my sample books will blow you away!  As soon as they come in I will be showing them off on the blog.  Thanks for hanging in there with this long post!  I cant wait to get your album design going!

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studio 310 said...

yea for albums. i see you saw my new ones too. on mine, the vintage looking one is from the brocade collection cover materials.

i love all the new cover options that are available now. 2 tone covers and cameos where ever you want them. very nice. with the kiss one, does that black and white pillow case come with it? that is awesome. i'm gonna have to make me some of those.