Thursday, July 17, 2008

Business Story: Modeling is Hard Stuff

Next time I ask you to do something crazy on an engagement shoot, just remind me that sometimes modeling is hard stuff. In the last week, David and I chose to do two different shoots as part of our rebranding/expanding process. So we turned to two of our favorite photographer friends- April and Rebecca. They have two distinct styles, so we couldnt decide between them- we had to have them both! We have been blown away by the awesome stuff they did with us...

You can check out what Rebecca came up with here, and then what April came up with here.

Arent they different?  But arent they both out of this world???  

April and Becca, David and I are in awe of the work that you did!  You went above and beyond and we are SO thrilled about what we have to work with.  No talk of who "won".  You both did classic Rebecca and April style shooting and processing... so different and we love them both SO much!  We cannot wait to do your exchange shoots!  


april said...

haha.. It was awesome! I think me & rebecca both did exactly what we do :) goosy & gritty

Can't wait to see you tonight!

the.indie.image said...

hahaha. Yes, it was so fun! But the real credit goes to Ashley and David for just being so fun to hang out with... and easy to shoot!