Friday, July 11, 2008

Business Story: Re-Branding fun!

This morning David looked at me and said, "Ashley we have GOT to blog!!"  And man is he right!  Here in the first half of July I have been doing more business development than I have shooting, so there is not much to report on concerning shoots (though tomorrow I am headed to the beach to do a shoot with the most adorable family!!).  Let me tell you some of the cool stuff we have been working on around here...

First of all we have finalized our new logo and name, and are now working on the final details of integrating them into our current website and this blog.  Things will be looking spruced up for sure!  And speaking of the website, we are also in the process of choosing images so we can switch out ALL of the pictures on the website with new ones.  The vast majority of the images on the website were taken in 2007.  Since then, David and I have learned soooo much about shooting, editing, lighting, etc- we have just been growing up as photographers!  We are finding the patterns in our images that help identify what our style is, what sets our work apart from others.  So now that we are armed with more knowledge and better tools, it is time to update the image that we are portraying on the website.  Don't worry, I will let you know when we make that change live!

If that all didn't sound like enough work to keep us busy, we have also been agonizing over what albums to begin offering to you.  There are so many album companies out there, and we want to make sure that we are able to offer you real quality but not too expensive.  Some people say that I am not good at business because I am too careful about what I charge my clients.  Well guess what, all my clients are extremely important to me, and I want the best for you!!  Once we finalize things for sure, we will put the album info on the website.  For now you can check out what we are looking at with KISS Wedding Books and FORBEYON Wedding Albums.  Since we keep back up copies of all the shoots we have ever done, we will offer album production to former clients who did not have a chance to get an album of your wedding day or family shoot.  Along with albums we are also excited about Simply Canvas.  They make some awesome wrap canvas prints... we have ordered our studio samples and can not WAIT to see how they turn out!!  I will make sure to blog them when they come in, along with our sample albums.

So believe me, we are staying busy!  After the beach shoot this Saturday, every Saturday after that for awhile, we will shooting weddings!  We are booked for August and October, but do still have some availability for September, November, and December of 2008.   

A big thank you to all of our clients that have been referring us.  We could not be more grateful to you for believing in our work enough to tell others about us.  Currently we are designing a special gift to give all of you that refer us... so if you are a referral, tell us who sent you our way so we can hook them up!

Whew!  That was a lot to report!  Let us know if you have any questions about this insanely long post :).   We LOVE being a part of your story...

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april said...

Girl.. wow. Sounds like we've been antagonizing over similar things this month!! I'll show you mine if you show me yours. haha.. wait, I think we've already shared, I just like how dirty that sounds.