Sunday, July 13, 2008

Family Story: Alphin's at the Beach!

No wedding this past Saturday, but instead I got to visit with some of the sweetest people on this planet- the Alphin family! The first member of this family that I met was Emma Grace, the middle child. She was in my Mom's preschool class the school year before I got married. She heard that I was getting married and went up to my Mom and said, "Mrs. Pam, I hear Ms. Ashley is getting married so I wanted to let you know that I am a great flower girl. I was a flower girl last summer so I have a pretty dress and shoes already- and I did not run out of petals by the time I got to the end of the ailse. So you can tell Ms. Ashley that I would be a good flower girl incase she needs one." Well you don't have to tell me a story like that twice! That little lady wowed me with her confidence and ability to sell her self at age 4- and I love an empowered woman ... so ofcourse I had to say yes! And my goodness, she was adorable...

So I was thrilled to get to photograph this family at their place on the NC coast. I am sure you will also find that this family is precious!

May I introduce you to the Alphin family?

"Give Mommy a big hug!"

This was sooo cute. I told the kids to "give Daddy a squeeze this time" and Brock took me literally and just squeezed his Daddy's arm as tight as he could. We all died laughing, and rephrased for him to hug Daddy.

What a look :).

Does this picture need a caption??

This is precious. Brock likes to kiss his Daddy's eyelids. Could he be cuter?!

The Alphin Ladies- all smiles!

Family Tag.

"Brock, let's see your famous pouty face."

Annnnnd we're over that!

Precious Alexandra.

Sweet Emma Grace.

My blond boyfriend, Brock.

1-2-3 JUMP!

Beautiful girls, beautiful light... just beautiful.

Brock's tired cuddle pose...

To wrap up the day we had to go home and let Lilly in on the fun.

I had such a great time with the Alphins! Thanks for hanging out for this extra long post. Thought you all deserved it since I have been skimpy on the pictures these past few blogs!


the.indie.image said...

these are great! but, the pics are cut off! fix it!!

ashley stephenson said...

i know... it was my first time putting them up big, and april said i might have to have the margins fixed... and i did. put i posted so late last night and you cant unpublish (that I know of) so i just left it and sent april a "HELP" email to fix it for me. so dont fret my pet... it will be fixed soon!

the.indie.image said...

WHEW! I am sooooo glad:-)