Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Music Story: Martha Ann Motel

Sunday evening, Martha Ann Motel played at the Brewery in Raleigh-- and once again, blew me away!!  The ladies of the band never go to practice, so it is always a surprise to hear new songs of changes they have made to the old ones at the shows  Sure, being married to the lead singer means that I hear all the songs allll the time... but it is a LOT different with the whole band playing with him.

It was so awesome to get to hang out and catch up with people from different parts of my life at the show.  Thank you all for coming out and supporting the band.  We were especially excited to have David's brothers come to the show.  Like I said before, I know you might think my opinion is biased, but these guys blow me away when they get up there!!!!

(I am bringing these pictures in straight off the camera... so my apologies if they are not the vision of perfection.)

Three official Teeter boys and one unofficial Teeter boy before David plays.

David and Adam flirting :)


Adam in action.

Ryan L was sleepy?

Now he is awake.

Teeter brothers sitting on the stage.


Nathan said...

Amazing pictures, Ashley. I really hate that I can't be there to experience Martha Ann Motel. Thank you so much for capturing a glimpse of the excitement.

the.indie.image said...

i'm sad i missed this:-(