Sunday, July 6, 2008

Puggle Story: Welcome Home, Madi!

As I have mentioned on here before, when we moved into our new townhouse, my younger sister Amanda moved in with us.  Amanda works at an animal hospital as a vet tech in training- she loves every minute of it, and every animal that walks through that door.  She is especially a dog girl, and has wanted one for awhile now.  As of last night, that problem has been taken care of!  For her 20th birthday (which isnt till Tuesday, the 8th) she became Mommy to an ADORABLE 9 week old puggle (cross between a pug and a beagle)- Madi!  She is currently 6 pounds and will probably only gain 4 more pounds.  Even though I am a cat person, this dog is precious and we are glad to share our home with her!

Look at me and my awesome stick.

Madi as seen through Totally Rad actions...

Madi and Amanda... together at last!

Happy early 20th birthday Amanda!  We love you!!