Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wedding Story: Anna and Richard

Thank you, Sarah Calvert, for telling Anna and Richard about us!  We had an awesome time shooting this wedding.  The ceremony started out at a church in Dunn, followed by good food and dancing in Fuquay Varina.  The weather was a little wacky- switching complete downpours to hot muggy sun.  Depsite the weather, the day went so well!  Here are several shots from Richard and Anna's day...

To help remember what outfit belonged to who :)

David knows how to make the guys work it.

You know me... a ring shot FANATIC.

Anna getting ready with the help of her mom, her sister and her best friend.  What else could a girl ask for?!

Stealing a sweet moment before the reception- the rain magically halted for a few different pictures outside then it came right back when we were finished.

I love the adoring glances exchanged during the first dance...

I noticed that I rarely post a cake shot... sooooo here is their classy cake.

Everyone loves a ring on a seashell with barnacles and stuff all over it...  right?

I also hear that everyone loves a ring shot that involves food.  Kisses anyone?

The maid of honor, Anna's best friend, wrote a song as her toast.  She was choked up the entire time... it was beautiful.

One of the little dancing ladies got so frustrated when all adults took over the dance floor to do the macarena!  Never fear, the father of the groom decided that they were going to do their own version of the dance, that basically meant they would jump and turn when everyone else did.  She bought it. 

I just happened to notice that one of my favorite little ladies of the evening and snuck her way back to the groom.  He was holding her as he started telling other people goodbye, and right as I took the picture she decided to give him a sweet kiss on the cheek.  

LOTS of bubbles to walk through!

This is what photographers call "a happy accident".  Just as Richard had helped Anna into his truck, David and I took a picture at the same time.  I love the way that his flash showing up makes this moment more dramatic.  Yum.

Richard and Anna, despite the random downpours of rain, your day turned out to be beautiful!  How amazing that anytime you two needed to go outside, suddenly the rain would clear right up and give you a break.  Thanks so much for including David and I in your Day!

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