Friday, August 29, 2008

So long, nas.image. Hello Story Time!

It's Friday night and this girl is editing... don't I lead a glamorous life?!  The good part about this it is that I celebrated by takeout-ordering my favorite dish (Pad Woon Sen with chicken) from one of my favorite restaurants (Sushi Thai).  I'll tell you why I am editing on a Friday night- things have been crazy around here and its all because of our growing little business!  Yay!!  This past week I have done some awesome stuff... did a shoot for a billboard (more on that later), booked some awesome September shoots, and worked on the final touches for Story Photographers! 

Just to let you know, during the next few days the website will be going through some transformations... so if things look a little weird, don't fret.  I will post on the blog when it is all complete!

Speaking of the blog, along with a revamped website comes a new blog!  This blog will be retired and HELLO to the new blog.  Nothing too exciting over there at the moment, but the wedding I am shooting tomorrow will show up on the new blog on Sunday!!  So get ready to add a new blog to your RSS feeds/favorites/bookmarks...



You might notice here on our new business cards that we have a "new" web address (  You might freak out because you have given out our old business cards *we hope* with the "old" web address and email.  Not a problem!  We have the old email delivering to the new email address, and the old website address delivering to the new.  We didn't want to leave anyone in the cold- we love you toooooo much!

Thanks, NC State Fair Blog!

This morning I opened my email and was so excited to get a message containing the comment from the official NC State Fair blog in response to my last post- you know, the one where I professed my love for the fair and asking you to get a shoot done there this fall!  

I want to thank you guys over at "Deep Fried @ the NC State Fair" for giving us a shout out!  We are excited that you found my blog and mentioned us!  Everyone head on over and check out the fun facts about the fair.  Just reading that blog makes me want a fried candy bar... sigh :).

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Personal/Business Story: NC State Fair

My FAVORITE seasons are winter and fall.  I love the colors in the fall, and feeling the cooler breeze slowly pushing out the heavy heat and humidity.  My whole life I have always associated fall with the NC State Fair!  We lived just a few miles from the fairgrounds- you could smell the food and see the fireworks from my backyard.  

I love shooting at the fair... tons of lights, tons of colors, rides, people, stuff, junk, etc!!  So here is my question for you...

Who wants an engagement/bridal/family/kids/senior/love shoot at the fair this year??  Think about it!  Our new townhouse is less than a mile (I measured) from the fairgrounds, you can come here, change clothes, and we can head on over!  Please please please?? :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kids Story: The Cahill Kids

When Sallie asked me to do a "summer fun" shoot with her kids I got so excited!  She mentioned sprinklers, popsicles, etc.  SIGN ME UP.  Last year I worked at Ridge Road Baptist Preschool, and Sallie's twins, George and Reed, were in my class.  I was glad to see them after a summer away!  Here is a summer day for the Cahills: Kathryn, Reed and George.

Reed showing off his backyard skills.

George peeking over the swing as they kept going higher and higher.

Kathryn flying through the air- how great is that?!

Mom said just one posed shot, no more.  And this is part of that series.

This is a croc loving family.

Pretty lady!

You are going to think I set this up, but I didnt.  I told the boys to play in the grass.  Instead they started telling me stories... caught this during the conversation.

Sprinkler Number One.
Not the top pick, we moved on to another one...


The daring leap over the little brother.

Reed taking control.

If I have said it once I have said it a million times-- I LOVE THE 50mm 1.8 (the boys took an interest to "those black things" I kept changing, aka lenses, and they called the 50 the tiny baby one) !!  I cant believe there was a time in my life when I thought the 50 was pointless.  
Shame on me.

George playing with the water.

Love this shot of Reed listening to his big sister's jokes. 

I barely started shooting these three eating their icecream, when suddenly I noticed that George was already licking his fingers clean.  

Catherine just looked like she walked out of the 70's with what her hair was doing after the sprinkler (dont ask me why, maybe it is because she looks like a singer I like that makes me think of the 70's), so I decided to edit it as though it was from the 70's.

Looking at Reed eating his fudgesicle makes me want one.

These Cahill kids have some awesome eyes... there are so many colors in George's eyes!

More last trick... I can feel the blood rushing to my head just looking at this picture.

I had a fabulous time hanging out with you all!  

I LOVE kids shoots!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Business Story: Forbeyon Album Sample #1

It is so exciting these days when I get to track my UPS package and know that on a certain day I will be getting an album, canvas, etc in the mail!  Yesterday I got my second sample album in the mail- yahooo!  As you all know I have been ordering all my samples for my new album company choices--- sooooo fun!  

The album that came in is the flushmount from the company Forbeyon.  I am loving it!  So this is an 8 x 10, black leather album with a metal cameo.  By metal I do not just mean metallic paper (which you can get as a cameo) but an actual piece of metal.  It toned down the saturation of the color a bit, but with the right picture it looks pretty cool.  The style of this album is so classy.  There are TONS of choices when designing this album... tons of colors, sizes, etc.  You can put the cameo where ever you want it and choose real/fake leather, fabric, etc.  Yahooo!

This album was designed with images from Laura and Ryan's wedding.

Lays flat.  Yummy.

Again, some of Becca's fab design skills.

Now I just have one more sample album to come in- yay!  This is so fun!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Business Story: Thank you!!

Over and over again I hear and read about how the super successful wedding and portrait photographers got to where they are today because of their solid base group of clients spreading their name like crazy.  Referrals are vital to a new business looking to grow.  We have been sooo blown away with how awesome you all have been at spreading the story of what we do with photography, to your friends and family who might be interested in us.  THANK YOU.

Because we have noticed how much your talking as helped us grow, we wanted to give back to you... to thank you for taking that time to plug us to others.  We can not tell stories without you giving us the stories to tell...

We have put together a gift bag of sorts... I don't want to give it away, but the bag is reusable (we try to be as green as possible around here) and IN that bag will/could be coupons for Simply Canvas prints, album orders... maybe even a gift certificate somewhere.  We will try to match the coupon with who you are and what you might be most interested in.  

David and I are serious about wanting to let you know how thankful we are for you.  SO if you are a new client booking with us, make sure to let us know how sent you our way so that we can thank them for it!  

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wedding Story: Erin and Steve, Chicago

What a weekend! David and I had a blast in Chicago!! Not only did we shoot a gorgeous wedding, we also got to spend time with some great friends from Campbell. The weather was such a relief - we ate dinner outdoors Friday evening and I needed a cardigan. I LOVE cold weather and cardigans so you know I was a happy lady.
From the moment I met Erin I just knew we were going to get along just fine. She is one of those people that you just feel like you've known her forever when you meet her. I heard several different people say that it was the most relaxed wedding they had ever been a part of- and I agree! Everything went so smoothly, right on schedule, without a hitch. You might want to grab a snack because I had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to share with you all... so settle in and enjoy!
Erin had a gorgeous dress...
This is Jude, Erin's nephew and also the ringbearer. Jude enjoyed some blueberries while watching Erin get her hair and makeup done.
Mom and daughter moment while the dress is laced up!

I have this list in my mind of crazy places I want to photograph brides. Erin fulfilled one of those places when she enthusiastically agreed to jump on her trampoline!!

Look at those eyes!!

"David, GET OUT OF HERE" I am pretty sure that was my direct quote as we sat in the airport waiting to fly home and looking through David's shots from the day and I saw this one. And HELLO Steve looks like a model here. Just moments after this shot, Erin rounded the corner for their first look...

Erin and Steve opted for a first look so that they could get all the pictures out of the way before the ceremony even started. Everything went so well since they decided to do that. Everyone was on schedule and we even had time to spare before the ceremony.

I can see this on a wrap canvas, no?

I am sure Jude was thinking "Are you crazy? I got other things to do in this park other than posing for pictures. Seeee yaaaa!"

Erin requested a jump picture... and let me tell you, this bridal party was MADE for a jump picture.

The Flowers.

Right before the ceremony the girls huddled up and prayed over Erin... tears were flowing :)

The ever-so-patient Tim (wedding coordinator/director extrodinaire--that is amazing!!!!) walking Jude in the right direction after a little outburst.

Erin is just so full of life! I caught several wide open laughs from this bride during the ceremony.

UM WOW! David got this incredible shot with the oh-so-yummy 200mm 2.8... can you believe he doesn't have auto-focus on that thing?!

Erin is just GIDDY with excitement over just being pronounced married and thrilled to be kissing her new hubby!

Yummy rings and pink and vintage fonts.

Isn't the pavillion just magical?!!?

David got this PRECIOUS shot of Erin and Steve cutting the cake.

And they are off!

I saw this crowd on the dance floor and just KNEW they were the kind of people that I could ask to do this. When I asked them, they said "you knew we were the fun ones, right?" Well yes, I did.

Dont you wish you were there?? Thank you Erin, Steve, Angela and Tim for making it possible for us to be there to shoot this FABULOUS event! David and I had an awesome time with you all! When can we come back????