Thursday, August 14, 2008

Album Story: KISS Sample Album

You better believe I was excited when first thing Monday morning there is a package at my doorstep! There are a few things that I have been expecting in the mail these days so it was fun to finally get one of them in the mail. This is the first of my sample albums... albums that have been put together to not only show the story telling that we can do with our photography, but to also give you a chance to hold, touch, flip through an album before you order one. This album is from the KISS Wedding Book company. While they only offer three sizes of albums in six colors, their system is so simple and their customer service is so great that it is tempting to only offer these albums!

I think it is so funkycute that they put the albums in those stylish protective covers. Who wouldn't want to display their album that way while also protecting it?

The green leather (yes, reeeal leather my friends) smells so yummy... and who can resist that fabulous shade of green?!

They put this awesome KISS logo brand on the back of any sample albums they print.  Delicious.... yes, it is actually branded on there.

Also being showcased here is Becca's fabulous album designing. I am so excited to have Rebecca working with us to bring clean and classy album design that we can truly be proud of.

This album was designed with images from Matt and Amy's wedding... their wedding fit the style of this album perfectly.

I love how Rebecca did all the ceremony pictures in black and white except the kiss... this is the perfect wedding for that!  Matt and Amy had the cutest first kiss as a married couple!!

I ordered the 8 x 8 (you can also get 10 x 10 and 12 x 12) as my first sample from them... just to make sure that I loved them before investing more in my sample products. Well let me tell you, I am ready to order my next sample! These albums are simple but still so much fun!

We are off to shoot a wedding in Chicago this weekend!  Cant wait to share all the goodies with you when we get back!  And dont fret, we are working our booties off to get the new website/blog/brand updates out there for you before the end of August.  You'll love it!


the.indie.image said...

hooray!! i wanna see it in person:-)

april said...

Ewww.. I want to see that in person too. That looks sweet

Chad Reed said...

you do know that KISS stands for "knights in satan's service" right? i learned that from a video in 7th grade in my youth group that "exposed the truth about rock n roll," haha