Friday, August 22, 2008

Business Story: Thank you!!

Over and over again I hear and read about how the super successful wedding and portrait photographers got to where they are today because of their solid base group of clients spreading their name like crazy.  Referrals are vital to a new business looking to grow.  We have been sooo blown away with how awesome you all have been at spreading the story of what we do with photography, to your friends and family who might be interested in us.  THANK YOU.

Because we have noticed how much your talking as helped us grow, we wanted to give back to you... to thank you for taking that time to plug us to others.  We can not tell stories without you giving us the stories to tell...

We have put together a gift bag of sorts... I don't want to give it away, but the bag is reusable (we try to be as green as possible around here) and IN that bag will/could be coupons for Simply Canvas prints, album orders... maybe even a gift certificate somewhere.  We will try to match the coupon with who you are and what you might be most interested in.  

David and I are serious about wanting to let you know how thankful we are for you.  SO if you are a new client booking with us, make sure to let us know how sent you our way so that we can thank them for it!  

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