Monday, August 25, 2008

Kids Story: The Cahill Kids

When Sallie asked me to do a "summer fun" shoot with her kids I got so excited!  She mentioned sprinklers, popsicles, etc.  SIGN ME UP.  Last year I worked at Ridge Road Baptist Preschool, and Sallie's twins, George and Reed, were in my class.  I was glad to see them after a summer away!  Here is a summer day for the Cahills: Kathryn, Reed and George.

Reed showing off his backyard skills.

George peeking over the swing as they kept going higher and higher.

Kathryn flying through the air- how great is that?!

Mom said just one posed shot, no more.  And this is part of that series.

This is a croc loving family.

Pretty lady!

You are going to think I set this up, but I didnt.  I told the boys to play in the grass.  Instead they started telling me stories... caught this during the conversation.

Sprinkler Number One.
Not the top pick, we moved on to another one...


The daring leap over the little brother.

Reed taking control.

If I have said it once I have said it a million times-- I LOVE THE 50mm 1.8 (the boys took an interest to "those black things" I kept changing, aka lenses, and they called the 50 the tiny baby one) !!  I cant believe there was a time in my life when I thought the 50 was pointless.  
Shame on me.

George playing with the water.

Love this shot of Reed listening to his big sister's jokes. 

I barely started shooting these three eating their icecream, when suddenly I noticed that George was already licking his fingers clean.  

Catherine just looked like she walked out of the 70's with what her hair was doing after the sprinkler (dont ask me why, maybe it is because she looks like a singer I like that makes me think of the 70's), so I decided to edit it as though it was from the 70's.

Looking at Reed eating his fudgesicle makes me want one.

These Cahill kids have some awesome eyes... there are so many colors in George's eyes!

More last trick... I can feel the blood rushing to my head just looking at this picture.

I had a fabulous time hanging out with you all!  

I LOVE kids shoots!


the.indie.image said...

cute cute

april said...

Oh my goodness. All of these are so wonderful!! I LOVE the one of the little boy drinking water. That is all boy! Would it be possibly to re-create that exact same thing with Diego ;)

Luv u mucho-

studio 310 said...

aahhh. my very first kids shoot was outdoor and for a few shots we threw them all in the hammock together. the hammock head shot is similar, probably something about 3 kids getting all scrunched together. when i saw these photos it was really surprising to see that similarity. (did a foot shot too, but it's way different.)

and about the 50mm--which i don't have--but i once did--on my 35mm. one point seven. well, i still have it, but i used that camera and lens sooo much, and i had no clue back in the day, that i would miss it so much later. i didn't even know what i had really, i looked at it the other day after i spent what seemed like a bajillion dollars on a 2.8, and i was kinda jealous of my younger less trained self. maybe that makes sense.

ok, about your work: i like the sprinkler photos. esp #1 and how he's aiming at someone that we can't see, and the composition, and the light and how that sprinkler looks really cool. but i like all the sprinkler photos.

hope you enjoyed the novel. :)