Friday, August 1, 2008


Happy August!  This summer has continued to fly by, and here we are in August!  I shot a wedding with the lovely April of Evoke Photography last Saturday, but due to her move (as seen on her blog), I have not gotten my images back from her yet- promise I will blog them as soon as I get them.

What I really want to share with you today, on this first day of August, is the rest of the information about our transformation as a business!  I started out as "nas.image"- "nas" being my initials, image because hello, that is what I produce.  As my business began to grow, I noticed that my ultra talented husband David had an eye for composition and an interest in helping me out!  With a little technical training, he picked it right up and started blowing me away with what he created.  I was beyond thrilled that I could shoot weddings with my husband.  It adds so much to what we do.  Grooms and their guys love David... David brings their character out so well in how he shoots and interacts with them.  

This summer we have experienced some major growth which is SO exciting for us!  I knew that we needed to settle into a branding that wasn't just about what I was doing, but what the team of us are doing to tell your story.  Not only do David and I shoot, but I have also had the privilege of Rebecca designing our albums and second shooting a little.  

When we were searching for a new name, I just kept coming back to what seemed obvious- Story Photographers.  I have identified several seasons in my life where there was a definite theme happening.  The past couple of years my theme seems to be people's stories, and giving people the means to express their stories.  I watched this happen over and over... how important it was for people to be able to tell you about themselves: where they came from, what people are associated with them, how they got to where they are, where they hope to be headed in the future.  In this postmodern world, story telling is essential to truly connecting with others.  

When David and I get behind the camera, whether it be at your wedding, with your family hanging out at a park, your engagement session, we are looking to document the details of your story.  When Rebecca and I construct your albums, we are carefully choosing images that specifically help tell your story.  It is our hope that when you look back on your images, your canvas, your album, you can clearly recall that time in your story.

Whew, long post- thanks for reading this far!  

After a short little vacation next week, David and I will be changing everything out on the website- new logo, new web address (though the old web address will still link you to that page), all new images, new text- NEW NEW NEW.  You will also see some changes on the blog.  In the month of August David and I will be working on becoming Story Photographers, LLC (doesn't mean much for you, but it is exciting for us!).  

Thank you for the part you play in making this business a success.  It can not grow without the people that need their story told in just the way that we offer.  Make the most of the rest of summer!


the.indie.image said...

yay! i had fun yesterday! have fun on vacation!!!!

the.indie.image said...

yay! i had fun yesterday! have fun on vacation!!!!

the.indie.image said...