Friday, August 29, 2008

Thanks, NC State Fair Blog!

This morning I opened my email and was so excited to get a message containing the comment from the official NC State Fair blog in response to my last post- you know, the one where I professed my love for the fair and asking you to get a shoot done there this fall!  

I want to thank you guys over at "Deep Fried @ the NC State Fair" for giving us a shout out!  We are excited that you found my blog and mentioned us!  Everyone head on over and check out the fun facts about the fair.  Just reading that blog makes me want a fried candy bar... sigh :).


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i've been meaning to email you. did we miss getting together in aug? (it's not like we've been busy or anything.) we can do my house in sept if april isn't ready--she's been mentioning it, i'm not just volunteering her. you're good at organizing the gatherings, sooo we'll talk.