Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding Story: Amanda and Mark

It is always nice to be in the company of camels... and by that I mean Campbell Camels!  Mark and Amanda met in middle school, started dating in high school... then we met them in college at Campbell University.  Though they were fellow religion majors, we didn't know them too well... so we were thrilled when they contacted us to shoot their day!  I love reconnecting like that.  For an August Saturday in North Carolina, the weather was surprisingly mild- and nobody minded that one bit!  The day was just gorgeous...

Who does not love these sassy shoes!?

I love this next one.  Amanda worked on memorizing her vows all morning... and behind her, Mom and friends are ironing her dress right before she is to put it on.

These lovely and talented ladies pretty much set this up themselves... 

David taking a relaxed portrait of Mark.  Loving it.

Amanda has the most infectious smile and laugh!  She and Mark both have the ability to light up a room and keep everyone smiling... which makes for a great party at the reception!

And check out her gorgeous eyes!!

Now I know this one is a little different than what I usually go for, but I like it.  This is right after the ceremony, Mark and Amanda had just walked down the aisle and were headed to another room to hide till the formal pictures.  


Mark and Amanda decided to have some pictures taken on the way to the reception at a farm in Mark's family.  It was adorable!  We did not have long to play there, but got some great stuff anyways!

At Mark's request we got this ooooh-so-fun jumping shot!

Again, look at that smile.  They were all smiles during the first dance.

Two weekends in a row I have shot weddings where the bride is the oldest of three daughters, the first to get married.  And both weekends I have watched the most precious fathers of the brides just cry and cry- especially during that Daddy/Daughter dance.

Ok I mainly posted this ring shot because I want to know what in the WORLD that purple flower/plant is!?  The bouquets were made by the officiant's wife (also the wedding director).  It was her first time making any and she did a phenomenal job!

At the reception Mark and Amanda had this awesome white serving dish/bowl for people to sign instead of the usual options.  This was so cute!  It is so fun to see the different things that people come up with to make their wedding day different.  I had to toss the rings in there for a quick shot.

Again, I had the privilege to catch another VERY good cake smashing.  I went for several years without seeing any naughty cake behavior, and this summer I have seen three really good cake to the face moments!  This might just be the messiest yet...

David caught this cool shot during the congo lined that formed early on in the party.  This crowd did not waste any time when it came to dancing!

David and I had a little fun ourselves...

Amanda and Mark- thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your awesome day!  Things could not have gone more smoothly!  Hope you have a great time at the beach and good luck with your move to Georgia!!


the.indie.image said...

that shoe shot is incredibly delicious. i love it!

april said...

yeah - that shoe shot makes me salivate. And I really love the way you express your "team". The way you share how you & david work together makes me all mooshy. I love you the most. and no - I don't know that I'll ever feel good after a shoot!! man.. I want to grow up to be Ashley.