Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wedding Story: Erin and Steve, Chicago

What a weekend! David and I had a blast in Chicago!! Not only did we shoot a gorgeous wedding, we also got to spend time with some great friends from Campbell. The weather was such a relief - we ate dinner outdoors Friday evening and I needed a cardigan. I LOVE cold weather and cardigans so you know I was a happy lady.
From the moment I met Erin I just knew we were going to get along just fine. She is one of those people that you just feel like you've known her forever when you meet her. I heard several different people say that it was the most relaxed wedding they had ever been a part of- and I agree! Everything went so smoothly, right on schedule, without a hitch. You might want to grab a snack because I had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to share with you all... so settle in and enjoy!
Erin had a gorgeous dress...
This is Jude, Erin's nephew and also the ringbearer. Jude enjoyed some blueberries while watching Erin get her hair and makeup done.
Mom and daughter moment while the dress is laced up!

I have this list in my mind of crazy places I want to photograph brides. Erin fulfilled one of those places when she enthusiastically agreed to jump on her trampoline!!

Look at those eyes!!

"David, GET OUT OF HERE" I am pretty sure that was my direct quote as we sat in the airport waiting to fly home and looking through David's shots from the day and I saw this one. And HELLO Steve looks like a model here. Just moments after this shot, Erin rounded the corner for their first look...

Erin and Steve opted for a first look so that they could get all the pictures out of the way before the ceremony even started. Everything went so well since they decided to do that. Everyone was on schedule and we even had time to spare before the ceremony.

I can see this on a wrap canvas, no?

I am sure Jude was thinking "Are you crazy? I got other things to do in this park other than posing for pictures. Seeee yaaaa!"

Erin requested a jump picture... and let me tell you, this bridal party was MADE for a jump picture.

The Flowers.

Right before the ceremony the girls huddled up and prayed over Erin... tears were flowing :)

The ever-so-patient Tim (wedding coordinator/director extrodinaire--that is amazing!!!!) walking Jude in the right direction after a little outburst.

Erin is just so full of life! I caught several wide open laughs from this bride during the ceremony.

UM WOW! David got this incredible shot with the oh-so-yummy 200mm 2.8... can you believe he doesn't have auto-focus on that thing?!

Erin is just GIDDY with excitement over just being pronounced married and thrilled to be kissing her new hubby!

Yummy rings and pink and vintage fonts.

Isn't the pavillion just magical?!!?

David got this PRECIOUS shot of Erin and Steve cutting the cake.

And they are off!

I saw this crowd on the dance floor and just KNEW they were the kind of people that I could ask to do this. When I asked them, they said "you knew we were the fun ones, right?" Well yes, I did.

Dont you wish you were there?? Thank you Erin, Steve, Angela and Tim for making it possible for us to be there to shoot this FABULOUS event! David and I had an awesome time with you all! When can we come back????


the.indie.image said...

you guys are amazing:-)

Anonymous said...

angela and mandy here. the "lovies" of chicago. we are considering re-inacting angela's wedding so we can have more pictures.

they are all our favourites. SPECIFICALLY:

the black and white at the park. the contrast of the round cast iron and the straight wooden panels of the bridge are striking.

the colour on the "jump" shot (and i don't like jump shots) make this picture FANTASTIC.

Mandy adores the cutting of the cake. Happy laughter - seeing emotion in motion. :)

we love how you can't tell that it's at an old park pavilion. you are magical.

love the "love". so clever.

jude's eyes and blueberries are mesmerizing. the black and white is striking.

only critique? where are the pictures of the kitchen staff? they were the heart and soul of this event.


april said...

oh wow!! You took the sparkler shot to a Whole Nover Level. Holy Smokes!! You got some yums there babe. nize. I want a trampoline so you can get shots like that of me.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering where you got the bridesmaids dresses from as they are beautiful?


Wenni Donna said...

That’s a gorgeous couple! This post reminds me that I have to look for event locations for my pre-wedding photoshoot. I am marrying the love of my life this year and I would love to have good memories captured with him, for that I need an amazing photographer just like this.