Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Story: Thank You

A week ago in the wee hours of the morning, my life was turned upside down.  My strong, wise, popular, loving (etc) father passed away at age 50.  My family has just been devastated... along with the new burden of settling my father's estate along with protecting and carrying on his business.  

Through this storm in my life, you all have been so amazing.  Whether you are a close family friend, or the client that I have only met the one time at your shoot-- you have all given me so much love and support.  Seriously, I have just been blown away with the love you keep pouring all over me, David, my mom Pam and my sister Amanda.  You have poured love, prayers, care (meals, flowers, mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, etc), tears, good stories about Daddy, and your time all over our lives.  

Some of you would wonder why I would share this on my business blog.  Well, David and I are about stories.  Typically we step into your story at a happy time in your life: an engagement, your wedding, graduation, child's birthday, etc.  But there are times in life that our story is sadder, or more confusing.  After the funeral I had the clarity of mind to realize that as a photographer, I wish that I had had a photographer around... atleast to grab a few pictures of the 1000+ people that came to Daddy's funeral.  I guess I am sharing this to say a few things.  One is that we want to share our story with you like you do with us- this is now part of it.  We also want you to know that it is ok to want the less "happy" moments in your story documented.  

We are back to work now.  I have been hearing from you about NC State Fair shoots- I'm thrilled you love the idea and I cant wait to book more of them!  It is exciting to start the serious wedding booking of 2009... next year will be awesome.  

Thank you again for the many ways you love and support us.  We could not be more grateful to be a part of your story.


the.indie.image said...

Love you guys!

april said...

I love you too and completely amazed by you.