Friday, September 26, 2008

Family Story: Smith Family

The weather could not have been more gorgeous to take the Smith family to one of their favorite places- Lake Johnson.  I have known the Smith's since before I can remember.  Lara and I were always in Sunday school together and would sometimes play at each other's houses after church.  It has been a long time since I had seen Lara, so it was great to be back in their house and around her family.  Lara is currently living in Trinidad and Tabago and was only in Raleigh for a visit before heading back to the islands.  Can't wait till she is engaged - we've already arranged that I will be shooting that island wedding!

There are several different things that the Smith's love to do together on Sundays (now that we all aren't kids playing at each other's houses).

The family loves to sit around drinking coffee and tea, talking about life, and always laughing together.



Can't forget about the furry family members!


The Smith's love Lake Johnson.  On the way there and then once we got there I got to hear different stories from different family members about why Lake Johnson is so important to them.  I love that part of my job!






So when it came time to take pictures of Lara and Steve, once the serious ones were out of the way out came the crazy ideas.  I would like to point out that this first crazy shot is totally authentic- Lara was not faking shielding herself... Steve didn't give much warning to his stunt and Lara was scared for her life.



Luckily Lara had more warning this time around...


Being a typical big brother, instead of jumping together Steve decided to fake Lara out.


It is no shock that Lara and Steve belong to Ralph and Luella:  twins!



Back in June you might remember the shoot that I did with the Helms kids.  There is that great shot where Mark and Stephanie (Dad and Mom) are having a sweet moment and their kids are jumping out from behind them.  Well, I have learned that it doesn't matter if you are a preschooler or in your 20's, it is still fun to bug your parents.



Smith Family- It was so good to be around you all again.  I am so excited to see what wonderful things happen in your family during the coming years.  I hope to see you again soon!


Emily said...

gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family. love these!

Lara Smith said...

Ashley - WE LOVE THESE! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us!

april said...

You are so creative.. Backs on a picnic table, crazies in the background.. I don't even know how you make family stuff so cute. wowza! you rock! You made it look fun!! AMAZING!!