Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wedding Story: Well, Kinda (part2)

I don't know how many ways and how any times I am going to say it, but David and I LOVE fall and everything about it (ok so I don't like warm colors... except on leaves).  So with this breath of fall that has floated in this week, we thought we would kick it off by tricking you a little bit...

...that post earlier today?  David did it.  He even tricked me!  It even sounded like I had posted it.  Gut alas, it was my hubs.  His shots looked great!  Since we have not been able to blog a lot of pictures this month, I thought I would give you a taste of what I did at David Calvert's Shoot.

BTW...David Calvert and I have figured out that we are distantly related cousins, so as to not confuse you with all the Davids we have around here, I will call the subject of our shoot "CousinDave."

CousinDave took us to a fabulous first location down in Fuquay Varina.  I can't wait to go back-there is just so much there to work with!!



working with the 50mm...



Reader Poll: Which one do we like better?



Luckily we did not run into any dangerous creatures while climbing around inside this abandoned barn.


Right at the intersection of CousinDave's mind...



the.indie.image said...

You guys did such a great job!

And as for the poll.. i really like the first one. :-)

studio 310 said...

i like the one with color. i think the b&w has too much texture on the face, and isn't really contrasty enough for me--but that's my b&w preference--everyone is different. but my vote is for color.

i like the intersection one. a lot. and HusbandDave did a great job too.

David said...

husbanddave and cousinash certainly did a wonderful job. i think that ultimately the CD art and any web design stuff i do will be inspired by the tone they set with this shoot!

Ashley and David said...

thanks for your comments and votes my friends.

amanda, i too used to only love a highly contrasted b&w but lately i have found some b&w actions that have changed the way i edit in b&w, depending on what the image might call for. since you cant see the eyes i like the texture over the face- i think there is some symbolism in that. thanks for the insightful comments!