Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wedding Story: Well, Kinda

Our friend, David Calvert, is a well versed and talented singer-songwriter.  He has been in quite a few bands throughout his years and come to a place musical maturity.  In his most recent growth, David's song writing has become something of a custom affair.  In the past year David has been asked to sing in weddings for friends and family at least once every month.  Being the willing musician that he is, David not only sang in these weddings but he wrote a unique song for each couple.

Now that is the kind of service we are all about!!

After acquiring a mass of songs in his wedding adventures David decided to record a EP of his collection.  And of course, who pushes an EP without new pictures.  Not this guy!

Here are some favs!



In the spotlight again!






Thanks David! We had so much fun.

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the.indie.image said...

amazing! Looks like a fun shoot!