Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Personal Story: Fireworks at the NC State Fair

UPDATE:  Thanks Tara at WRAL for giving us a shout out on the new's website!!  Read about us!

If you have read this blog for the past few months you know that we live ridiculously close to the NC State Fairgrounds.  It was our first fair week living over here... sometimes it was fun walking out the front door and smelling the food, or looking out the window every night to watch the fireworks.  On the other hand, I will not miss the detours I had to make every day as I leave my little neighborhood, the crazy parking, and the sound of world war 3 at 9:45pm every night.

Alas, the fair ended Sunday... meant to post this Monday morning, but Wednesday will have to do!

So in celebration of such a joyous event, I thought I would share a little firework action with you.  I find that when I am just shooting for fun (I know, can you believe that happens?!) I tend to play with light.  It's usually night time and I am finding ways to document light in a different way.  I love trying to find funky ways to capture fireworks.

Here they go!

NAS_6388 copy

NAS_6423 copy

Hmm... birds?

NAS_6427 copy

This might be my favorite...

NAS_6428 copy

NAS_6438 copy

NAS_6439 copy

NAS_6443 copy

I can only think about the '80s when I see this one... well and silly string.

NAS_6444 copy

NAS_6445 copy

NAS_6448 copy

NAS_6468 copy

The end!

Once again, this month has flown by.  Get ready for a crazy month in November!  I have a gajillian shoots throughout the month and I can't wait to share all of them on the blog... thanks for checking them out!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Design Story: The Salvation army

"look what I did"  - David


These display canvases now adorn the entrance way of The Salvation Army in Raleigh, NC.  The place needed a little update, and we were happy to help out.  The Salvation Army will soon be moving to a brand spanking new location in Raleigh a little farther from downtown, and these beauties will be moving right along with them.

Yay Simply Canvas!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Engagement Story: Jessica and Jeremy

David and I anxiously waited by the fountain and hoped that the couple we were about to meet wouldn't think we we're crazy!  Jessica and Jeremy traveled from Charlotte, NC to do their engagement shoot at the NC State Fair.  We went early to figure out what spots would be best in the chaos that is the fair... and hoped that Jessica and Jeremy were the type to let us do anything.  Boy were we in for a treat.  From the moment we met them I knew we were a good match.  We had the best time during their shoot!!  Jessica was in a cute skirt and still did everything we suggested- love them!

As we were walking to our first spot, we noticed this little stand.  I am not sure the fair guy loved us stopping by, but he gave us permission anyways!

NAS_5944 copy

DRT_0102 copy

The lighting was delicious!

DRT_0110 copy

Jessica won!  She beat two men and a few kids- love that.

DRT_0131 copy

Good one David!  The colors were so amazing out there... and the sky was so clear and blue!

DRT_0156 copy

Quiet moment during fair chaos.

NAS_6001 copy

Nothing like stopping to take a dip in the middle of "traffic".

NAS_6035 copy

Smooch over corn dogs.

DRT_0213 copy

A little fun in the fun-house.

DRT_0271 copy

David hopped onto the carousel with these two... love it!

DRT_0335 copy

DRT_0379 copy

My goodness they are cute... and tall enough to ride the carousel.

NAS_6117 copy

The fair calls for some vintage editing... I could not help myself.

NAS_6122 copy

Did I mention they were cute?  They stayed cute even though we had to share our bucket seat with a family of three (who were so nice to tolerate the four of us- thanks guys!).

NAS_6179 copy

NAS_6201 copy

DRT_0444 copy

This one just has a cool feel to me... you can see David on the left.  We were packed in quite nicely.

DRT_0451 copy

HAD to make at least one look like a Polaroid.

DRT_0462 copy

Without the flash...

NAS_6235 copy

With the flash...

NAS_6222 copy

Jessica and Jeremy- We had the BEST time with you two!  It is even more exciting that we have future shoots with you.  Thanks again for being such great sports!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wedding Story: Melanie and Randall

Ah, that chill in the air is finally sticking around!  I hope it is here to stay.  This past Saturday I had to pack away my warm weather shooting clothes and bring out the cooler weather attire-  YAY!

David and I headed to Jacksonville, NC to shoot the fabulous wedding day of Randall and Melanie.  If you follow my blog, I am sure you will recognize Melanie from her her older sister's (Mandy) wedding back in August.  It was so fun to be back with such a sweet family.  There is a younger sister, Maggie, but their Dad assured me that I would have to find business elsewhere for at least a couple of years so he could hold onto Maggie a bit longer.


The rain came all day long but it did not stop this couple from being so happy and adorable!

Rebecca, recognize this shot?  Rebecca shot Mady's wedding with me and came up with this cute idea... so we had to do it with Melanie.


There's Mandy!  Same hair salon and everything!


HOLY COW!  Check out the one week old baby in the suit!  What a stud!  He was popular with the ladies all day long.


I think Randall was getting a lesson in what was going to happen in the ceremony?


I don't think these guys had any fun at all...



Perfect roses for the perfect bride!



Almost married... look at that glistening eye- LOVE love.


The two seconds we got outside before the rain came down again... love a pumpkin patch!


Romantic cake... heard it was yummy too.



Yummy rings...


Love the little girl dancing in the rain boots.  Makes me want to go dance in my rain boots...?


A rose and rain filled getaway- what better way?