Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Engagement Story: Jessica and Jeremy

David and I anxiously waited by the fountain and hoped that the couple we were about to meet wouldn't think we we're crazy!  Jessica and Jeremy traveled from Charlotte, NC to do their engagement shoot at the NC State Fair.  We went early to figure out what spots would be best in the chaos that is the fair... and hoped that Jessica and Jeremy were the type to let us do anything.  Boy were we in for a treat.  From the moment we met them I knew we were a good match.  We had the best time during their shoot!!  Jessica was in a cute skirt and still did everything we suggested- love them!

As we were walking to our first spot, we noticed this little stand.  I am not sure the fair guy loved us stopping by, but he gave us permission anyways!

NAS_5944 copy

DRT_0102 copy

The lighting was delicious!

DRT_0110 copy

Jessica won!  She beat two men and a few kids- love that.

DRT_0131 copy

Good one David!  The colors were so amazing out there... and the sky was so clear and blue!

DRT_0156 copy

Quiet moment during fair chaos.

NAS_6001 copy

Nothing like stopping to take a dip in the middle of "traffic".

NAS_6035 copy

Smooch over corn dogs.

DRT_0213 copy

A little fun in the fun-house.

DRT_0271 copy

David hopped onto the carousel with these two... love it!

DRT_0335 copy

DRT_0379 copy

My goodness they are cute... and tall enough to ride the carousel.

NAS_6117 copy

The fair calls for some vintage editing... I could not help myself.

NAS_6122 copy

Did I mention they were cute?  They stayed cute even though we had to share our bucket seat with a family of three (who were so nice to tolerate the four of us- thanks guys!).

NAS_6179 copy

NAS_6201 copy

DRT_0444 copy

This one just has a cool feel to me... you can see David on the left.  We were packed in quite nicely.

DRT_0451 copy

HAD to make at least one look like a Polaroid.

DRT_0462 copy

Without the flash...

NAS_6235 copy

With the flash...

NAS_6222 copy

Jessica and Jeremy- We had the BEST time with you two!  It is even more exciting that we have future shoots with you.  Thanks again for being such great sports!


Karen said...

Ashley! These are so amazing! You're going to be doing my engagement/wedding... but I guess I need a fiance first haha :) hope you're doing well!

Ashley and David said...

Which Karen is this? Just want to know for sure who I'll be shooting :)

miss mary said...

what a precious shoot..you guys are awesome! : )

the.indie.image said...

guys! I love these, these are super amazing! I think you did a great job of capturing the fair atmosphere!!!! Great Job!

Anonymous said...

some of these look extremely posed.

Ashley and David said...

Hello "anonymous", thanks for stopping by.

Some of them were posed. All of them except one were set up and then we just shot what happened after we set things in motion.

I find it interesting that the only time people do not leave their name is when they want to leave a "negative" comment.

Karen said...

it's karen stone haha :)