Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Personal Story: Fireworks at the NC State Fair

UPDATE:  Thanks Tara at WRAL for giving us a shout out on the new's website!!  Read about us!

If you have read this blog for the past few months you know that we live ridiculously close to the NC State Fairgrounds.  It was our first fair week living over here... sometimes it was fun walking out the front door and smelling the food, or looking out the window every night to watch the fireworks.  On the other hand, I will not miss the detours I had to make every day as I leave my little neighborhood, the crazy parking, and the sound of world war 3 at 9:45pm every night.

Alas, the fair ended Sunday... meant to post this Monday morning, but Wednesday will have to do!

So in celebration of such a joyous event, I thought I would share a little firework action with you.  I find that when I am just shooting for fun (I know, can you believe that happens?!) I tend to play with light.  It's usually night time and I am finding ways to document light in a different way.  I love trying to find funky ways to capture fireworks.

Here they go!

NAS_6388 copy

NAS_6423 copy

Hmm... birds?

NAS_6427 copy

This might be my favorite...

NAS_6428 copy

NAS_6438 copy

NAS_6439 copy

NAS_6443 copy

I can only think about the '80s when I see this one... well and silly string.

NAS_6444 copy

NAS_6445 copy

NAS_6448 copy

NAS_6468 copy

The end!

Once again, this month has flown by.  Get ready for a crazy month in November!  I have a gajillian shoots throughout the month and I can't wait to share all of them on the blog... thanks for checking them out!

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