Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wedding Story: Chase and Steven

Have you missed me?  I've missed you... it is great to be posting again!  I have decided to treat you to an unusually long post from Friday's wedding -- you're welcome.  From here  until the end of the year posting is going to be much more frequent, so get excited.  We also want to hear from you so leave those comments!

Friday David and I shot a wedding for a really fun couple!  You might recognize some of the people in attendance... Steven is baby Elgin's uncle!  This wedding was also fun for us because I went to high school with Steven and the David and I went to college with Steven's brother Tripp-- so many of the wedding guests were friends from high school and college.

Chase and Steven have so much fun together... it was a blast to shoot this event.  Everything was so them- I LOVE that in a wedding!  So lets get to the story...

NAS_2095 copy

Steven, sorry, I just could not resist posting this...
...I always hear "you are the bride, you can do what ever you want."  Well, the groom
decided to walk around outside in a towel.  It's your wedding day, do what you want.

DRT_0011 copy

You know me, I love a good detail.  Check out the cute bridal luncheon gift- tea and a strainer.

NAS_2139 copy

NAS_2146 copy

Steven and Chase chose to have a first look.  It worked out so well because later after the ceremony it was too dark and rainy for outdoor pictures.  We got all the pictures done well before the ceremony!

DRT_0249 copy

NAS_2411 copy

NAS_2785 copy

I love this quiet moment...

NAS_2817 copy

NAS_2840 copy

I can confidently say that there was not a single shy person in the entire wedding party...    which leads to fabulous pictures the entire day!

DRT_0521 copy

This group of guys brought a new meaning to the direction "bring it in tight."

DRT_0600 copy

Lovely Ladies!

NAS_2591 copy

This went on for a while, I accidentally mentioned America's Next Top Model and let me tell you, the girls were working it- fierce!  They kept changing it up... so impressive.

NAS_2601 copy

VIP escort service for the bride.

NAS_2875 copy

I could not resist sharing this-  they all wore different colored shoes!!  YUMMY!

NAS_2906 copy

The Kiss seals the deal = MARRIED

NAS_3190 copy

One of the many creative things that Steven and Chase did at their wedding was to have a cake reception following the ceremony.  There were many different types of great cakes.
May I show you my favorite?

NAS_3264 copy

CHECK OUT THE ACTION!  Those are cake crumbs IN MOTION.  Good lord, that was a good cake smashing!

NAS_3300 copy

Off to the dinner and dancing!

NAS_3461 copy

After dinner the band started up!  No, this was not just any band.  Each of the Fuller men took turns behind the mic-  it was fabulous!  Everyone had a blast.

DRT_0353 copy

NAS_3770 copy

"You can't always get what you waaaaant!"

NAS_3972 copy

Chase and Steven did wedding awards instead of the usual reception activities.  Some of the categories:  "Best on the Dance Floor"  "Most Likely to go Home with a Bridesmaid"
"Most Sad That There isn't a Bouquet Toss"  etc. etc.

NAS_4206 copy

After a fabulous day, Steven and Chase ran of through the sparklers and on to their honeymoon in Costa Rica!

NAS_4315 copy

When I asked Chase if there were any specific shots that she had to have during the day, she mentioned that she had seen the image where some guests wrote "love" with sparklers at our Chicago wedding with Steve and Erin.  So we did it again and I LOVE how it turned out!

NAS_4357 copy

Chase and Steven-  Thanks for inviting us into the crazy fun that was your wedding day!
We hope you have an awesome time in Costa Rica!


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I have been having serious withdraws from your blog. I am so glad to see something new! hahaha. Fabulous job as usual. I have too many favorites to name specifically! AAH. Great job!

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ah! i'm so glad to see these, i wish i could've been there. ashley & david, you've done an amazing job, once again!

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wow.. you are just getting awesome-r & awesome-r. You have some beautiful stuff here. yum. delicious. I want to eat them... maybe even rub a little.

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YEA for a new update. lovely work.