Friday, November 21, 2008

Display Your Story: Haist Brothers

Earlier this year I had the best time photographing these handsome, lively boys at Raleigh Little Theater.  Later I met with their Mom at her house to choose pictures and sizes for canvas prints.  We looked at different spots in her house that would be awesome to hang a canvas in.  In the end I think she came up with an awesome plan to hang five 20x20 square black and white prints of the boys going up their staircase.  They are going to look so great!  I don't think she would have ever thought to order square prints until she saw on of my sample prints.  If you are wondering if there is a spot in your house that needs a canvas, or if you just aren't sure what style or sizes work well for your images, let me know!  I would love to help you figure out what works best for both your space and personal taste.

This is such a sweet moment between the boys!


A cool feature with the wrap canvases is that you can assign a color to the border of the print, instead of letting the picture wrap around the edges.  I mean ANY color!  You could even have writing on the sides... sigh, we love having so many options!

We thought black would look really sharp on the sides of the boy's canvases.


It's no secret-  I am in love with these canvases.  Every shoot I do now, I am always looking at what images would look AMAZING on a canvas.  I just want to make a gazillion sample prints!!

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