Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life Story: Erin

After I left Leslie and Robyn on Sunday, I headed across town to meet up with Erin.  The shoot was different than any shoot I had done before, but was on that I had wanted to do.  I am very interested in women's rights, women's studies, feminist theology, etc.  I love hearing women's stories... and watching the way women can come together during a hard time.  I love being a woman.

Erin wanted me to blog this shoot to share her story with you.  Just because your shoot idea does not fit in the the category of "bridal", "family", "wedding", etc. does not mean it is out of the question.  Try me!  Everyone's story is different and I want to meet you where you are in your journey.

I asked Erin to explain this shoot in her own works...

"Weddings are events full of reasons to take pictures, the bride is lovely, the groom is nervous and the whole wedding party is overjoyed to see two people take the plunge.

Divorce on the other hand, often gets treated like a four letter word.  It's all hush-hush and people tiptoe around the subject because it might be contagious.  Sometimes I think it might have been easier if I was a widow, at least the people might have sent me a casserole and made sure I was holding up alright.

I faced my divorce and the overwhelming sense of failure that I got from it really dragged me down.  But in the last year, as I have healed and processed the events that led to my subsequent state of un-married-ment, I found that I am a brave, strong, and courageous woman.  I am unique and special and worthy of love.  I can laugh and i can cry, and I am extremely grateful for a chance to start again.

This photoshoot wasn't about being spiteful or pretty.  It wasn't about reveling in something that plagues our culture.  I wanted this shoot to show the 'Erin' that was never captured on film at my own wedding.  This photoshoot was about me, signing off on that last chapter, shutting the book, and starting a whole new book entirely.

I am Erin, I am out to live a big life, and there's no looking back."


















the.indie.image said...

these are amazing and what a great story! I think i recognize that place;-) i can't pick a favorite!

Ashley and David said...

Becca I was going to mention that... I would like to thank Rebecca with the indie image for the fabulous spot in the middle of Raleigh! you might recognize it from pictures that Rebecca did of David and I. We just thought this would be a safe place for Erin to expose herself :).

studio 310 said...

yeah, i recognized the tree from your photos.

this is AWESOME. i think this is one of your best stories so far. real and encouraging.

erin said...

i can't tell you how GREAT i think this was.


i can't pick a favorite either.

you'll never know how much this meant to me.

Lydia Clarke said...


I'd have to say this is your best shoot ever! It's so real. Amazing.

Jo said...

Love these! I'm really crazy about the one of her lying on her back waving at the camera (with the motion blur.)

It's eerie, interesting, mysteriously beautiful!

Love it all!!!

april said...

wow. the story is beautiful & the images are insanely beautiful. You really captured the depth of her situation.. nice.

melissa said...

Hi Ashley, Erin is one of my younger sisters. I just wanted to tell you that these photos of her a beautiful and really capture many emotions. I couldn't help but get teary-eyed looking at them. You are very creative and talented. Thank you for telling my sister's story through your art.

the.indie.image said...

haha Let's just thank Raleigh for not developing it yet! but it is funny that right now both of our top posts feature it but it doesn't even look like the same field. it's a great place! And actually I've now looked at this several times and I think I really like the first one best? followed closely by the second and all the rest:-)

Mary said...

I LOVED this one! Erin's story is honest and beautiful, and the pictures really capture the end of one story and the beginning of a new one. Excellent work. It might even be my favorite shoot so far.

the.indie.image said...

ok.. it was the same when i wrote that but then I added a shoot so disregard that about our top posts being in the same place!

Beth said...

Ashley and David- you all are so gifted!!! This is awesome.