Monday, November 24, 2008

Trash-the-Dress: Chase

First of all, I need to say that it is so flattering to get emails that say, "Ashley, why haven't you updated your blog this week... what else do you think I do at work?!"  I have heard your need for entertainment in the office and I have the goods.  This week alone we have 9 shoots- WOW!  So I think I have enough to work with to keep you coming back for more... every day!

I have wanted to do a trash-the-dress shoot forever.  Chase heard what it was and was like, what the heck?!  Why not!  So we did phase one of the dress trashing last weekend... the next phase happens when it warms back up so we can put her in water.  Best part?  After this first shoot I am not even sure her dress got much on it.  Love that.

Thirty minutes before this shoot we were SURE that we were going to get rained out.  The weather had called for thunderstorms all week and still said we were supposed to get them.  Then, five minutes before we were supposed to meet, the sky opened up and decided not to rain.  Hey, we'll go with it!

I think I will just let these images speak for their high-fashioned selves...

DRT_0004 copy















NAS_9762 copy


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH....OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing...I WANNA DO IT TOO!!! I got out my wedding dress yesterday (I was cleaning out the chest it is kept in) and thought to myself "I need to try this on again and get some real pictures made in it" seeing that old man winter took pictures at my wedding and none of them are artistic at Chase you are beautiful as can be and Ashley you are an amazing photographer...please let's do something like this when we are in Raleigh...I would love to have it and then add Elgin in too...wouldn't that be a time machine! Much love to you...

Anonymous said...

So pretty, Chase! I love these pics!


the.indie.image said...

Love these! I especially like the first one in the tree! yummo! Great Job Ash!