Thursday, November 13, 2008

Visual Story: More Canvases!

We love Simply Canvas prints!!!  How can you NOT love them?!  We wish we had all our favorite images on wrap canvas and hung all over the house (well, maybe it is just me that would like to have them all over the place).

***NOTE:  If you are ordering a canvas for Christmas, please order with me by November 28th to make sure you get it by December 24th.***

We noticed that more and more clients are meeting with us at our house, so we thought it might be time to hang the sample canvas prints in the living room.  Friends are coming over saying, "Hey wait, that isn't you in that picture..."  We know, we know.  But hey!  We love all our clients and will consider you family... so its just a few family pictures on the wall.

Check out our new black and white image from Jessica and Drew's Wedding!!  This one is AWESOME-  the dimensions are 20x40 inches.  DELICIOUS.



Our other new sample addition is of George.  I recently participated in Our Lady of Lourdes silent auction by offering a family/kids session.  I realized that I only had wedding related sample canvases... so I thought this picture was an awesome choice!


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teellekay said...

Hey guys, I just can't even describe to you how much I love your pictures. I am so happy for you for how far you've come so far. I just can't wait to see where you guys go.


p.s. I always have that saturation problem with the computer, too. My pics look washed out. Let me know if you figure that out.